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Friday, July 3, 2015

Fireworks Numero Uno!

Y’all didn’t think there’d be some “Fireworks/Yummies/Yeehaws” coming at you that didn’t involve a new mascara, did you? I mean, seriously. I believe it’s probably been six months or more since we’ve done a recommendation. That’s too long.

So, drumroll, please…get ready for the excitement…HERE IT IS:

Admission: I’ve only used it twice and I didn’t even buy TLC one—just in case I wasn’t excited about it. BUT…I love it! It’s hard to “plump” eyelashes that are over sixty years of age (just a teensy-tidbit over…wink…wink). However, this mascara seems to do the trick. Yippee! (I love the color of the case.)

Although I’ll continue to purchase the last two we’ve told y’all about (that is, until they quit making them—because, as we all know, they WILL eventually stop production of any product we absolutely love, right?—it’s apparently some kind of makeup industry rule)…this new mascara is going to be a fun addition to my boring/almost daily makeup process.

Gotta scoot…it’s time to flutter my eyelashes at My Sweet Hubby to coax him to do some garden work with me…

Happy July 4th Eve, All You Precious Americans

Happy Friday, Sweet Friends Everywhere in this World!