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Tuesday, August 23, 2016


TLC LOVES Hoda Kotb and Kathie Lee. She watches their morning show as often as possible. As I’ve shared, I don’t watch a lot of television during the day. It might be on. I might stop and glance at it. But the volume is normally off and it’s mostly there for ALERTS. Especially during bad weather. (If we don’t lose our satellite system completely—then we’re forced to use our cellphones for info and pray our WiFi doesn’t go out.)

Late afternoon, evening and middle-of-the-night TV? Don’t ask. That’s a whole other story. I watch TOO TOO TOO TOO TOO TOO TOO much. Y’all have surmised. Sigh.

I also adore Hoda! And I follow her on Twitter. She tweets pretty/inspirational/thought-provoking quotes at the beginning of each day. This was today’s and I thought it was most definitely worth posting on lolwiththeleightons:

Why Complicate Life?

Missing somebody?                 …Call

Wanna meet up?                      …Invite

Wanna be understood?            …Explain

Have questions?                      …Ask

Don’t like something?             …Say it

Like something?                      …State it

Want something?                     …Ask for it

Love someone?                        …Tell them

We just have ONE LIFE.

Keep it SIMPLE.

Hoda didn’t name the source. I suppose it could be her…but I’m thinking wherever she saw this it probably didn’t name the author.

If it’s YOU?                               …Take credit! (teeheehee)

Sometimes it’s truly difficult to do some or all of these things. But I believe, on this August 23rd, 2016, they’re all great suggestions and we should attempt to try them. Or at least a few of them. Every day.

Have a TERRIFIC Tuesday, Friends…Wherever in the World Y’all are!

ta-ta for now…

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