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Saturday, August 13, 2016

High Five!

From mostly Facebook—or Pinterest, I share with you some thoughts that CRACK ME UP. (I’m truly sorry I can’t name the authors for them. None of these are original—from Moi. I only wish I was so funny/witty/clever!)

Hope you ENJOY/Giggle/LOL!

I’m ready for some blessings that aren’t in disguise.

Either you love bacon…

          or you’re wrong.

You call me paranoid.

          I call you uninformed.

There is NOTHING




                      can’t fix.

On the bright side,

my coffee will never get cold

     in Hell.

“Why can’t we be friends?”

          Well, because you’re three gallons of crazy

in a two gallon bucket

     and I don’t have time for a mess like you.

I tried to be normal once.

          Worst two minutes of my life.

There is no problem you cannot ignore, confront, plot against,

     drown in chocolate sauce or run over with your car.


     Take Risks.

Make somebody say:

“What the hell was that all about?”

Have a SWEET Saturday, Sillies…wherever in this World you are!

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