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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

elsa + anna

Little Leighton (LL) has been with ELC and My Sweet Dad since Sunday. She comes home tomorrow, and, boy, have we missed her! She fills our home with so much joy. It's simply too quiet without her singing and dancing. We can't wait to hug her!

For her fourth birthday this year, Baby Elle "gave" LL a "Frozer Fever" Elsa doll. It has slept with LL every night since. She takes great care of her Baby. She's had a little Anna doll for about a yearish. Now she loves to have Elsa and Anna play together. However, she forgot to take Anna with her to Grammy and Pa-Pa's this visit. BIG oops.

Last night, around 8:00, I get this text from ELC:

Mama--LL is upset because she forgot that Anna would miss Elsa. Would you go get Anna and let her sleep with you so she won't be lonely?

(Oh, God love my Little Leighton.)

To which I replied:

(Please ignore my makeupless face.)

Good night, LL and Elsa! Anna is safe with me. She's tired and going to bed.

LL then wanted reassurance that Anna could come with us next time we head back to Grammy and Pa-Pa's. (Of course she can!) She also wanted me to kiss her goodnight. Ask, and ye shall receive:

(The silly things we do for our children!)

I then texted her one final pic of Anna "snug as a bug" in my bed. I prayed this would ease LL's sadness and help her drift off to Dreamland. 

Elsa and Anna. Sisters. Perhaps it's still my crazy postpartum hormones, but that whole little exchange made me a bit teary. I want my daughters to always know how lucky they are to have each other. I am completely confident Baby Elle has missed LL. (When I show Baby Elle a picture of her Big Sister on my phone, her entire face lights up. No. Kidding.) Perhaps it wasn't just about Anna missing Elsa. Perhaps Little Leighton was really missing her sister. Even though missing someone is tough stuff, I can already see the special bond my girls have formed with each other. After just four and a half short months! Wow. They are forever my biggest and best blessings. I love those Sweet Sisters with all of my heart.