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Thursday, October 6, 2016

cruisin' and funnelin'...

Y’all know how much I love my DQ Blizzards. And Mickey D’s McFlurries . But my most favourite fast food joint—and the place I adore their ice cream treats the absolute mostest—is Sonic! With their Blasts.

So imagine my excitement, about three months ago, when I cruised into our local Sonic (what I call #1—since we’ve actually had TWO Sonics in our sweet Texas country town for the past seven-ish years) and saw an advertisement for their new creations called Flavor Funnels. Oh. My. Lanta.

No—I haven’t purchased a Blast with a Flavor Funnel. Not. Yet. I came the closest to doing it last Saturday afternoon. At my second favourite Sonic on Earth (the first being Sonic #1 in Stephenville)—the Sonic at Willow Park.

I’d come from TLC’s casa that afternoon and had about an hour to go before I reached home. I knew My Sweet Hubby was going to already have had an early dinner, so I ordered a Sonic Jr. Burger (no cheese—mustard, ketchup and pickles only). Mini Fries. A Large Coke Zero with Vanilla. Then I stared. And stared. And stared. At the picture of the Flavor Funnels on the menu screen. I knew—if I ordered one—it would be a Snickers’ Blast with a Caramel Flavor Funnel.

You can order any flavor of Blast, or Master Blast, and add a “funnel.” They somehow cause a center core (Sonic apparently semi-stole this concept from DQ. I refuse to be judge-y.) in your heavenly treat and fill it with caramel. Or chocolate sauce. Or Oreo cookies. Or peanut butter.


I have yet to order one of these they-have-GOT-to-be-amazingly-sinful delights. I’ve been wanting to order a Sonic Molten Chocolate Cake for years. Literally. Probably five years. Or more. I’ve yet to do it. I gaze at the picture every single time I drive-up for my VCZ. I resist.

If I’d lose ten pounds, I’d reward myself with a Snickers’ Blast with a Caramel Flavor Funnel. (I’d get the mini size—naturally.)

If I’d lose fifteen pounds? A Molten Chocolate Cake. (They only come in one size. I don’t really trust myself to eat only a third to a half of it. I would, however, be HAPPY to share it with you, TLC!)

It's Friday Eve! Have a Wonderful Weekend, Sillies Everywhere! (Have a Snickers' Blast with a Caramel Funnel! Why not? I might.)


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