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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Hope...Wavering Faith...A Minor Miracle!

I refer Y’all to two previous posts:

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Today's post is about My Sweet Husband’s (MSH) and my “experiment.” (It’s easier to explain if you’ll read these two posts for background.)

But here is A Quick Summary: We planted a “pod” we found at a grocery store in McKinney last Christmas. Had it in a cup. Moved it a couple of times around our house. It came up when we’d almost given up.

A couple of months later, after transplanting it into a bigger pot, MSH planted it outside. It was looking bad/sicky—we had no idea what else to do.

About six weeks ago, I asked him about Our Hope Tree. (He'd placed it a bit down our “hill”. Not too convenient for me to observe and monitor. All summer long I rarely had shoes and socks on outside—just sandals. I’d refuse to venture through the grass to check on it—as I was afraid of getting chigger bites. They love me and Little Leighton. Sigh.)

He gently broke the news to me: I'm sorry. It’s gone. It didn’t make it.

I'm not going to lie. I was extremely sad. I have to admit—I got a few tears in my eyes. I truly wanted it to make it. I believed it would make a statement to me and MSH: Everything is good. The challenges and changes you face? You’ll make it through all of them. This little tree will be your sign.

He comforted me with a hug and said: Hey, we tried. We had no experience with growing a tree. We’ll try again—sometime.

We moved on.

THEN…drumroll...SUNDAY HAPPENED! I got home that afternoon from an overnight trip East to TLC’s and was chatting/catching up with MSH. It hit him he’d forgotten to tell me the news. The tree is hanging in! He went to take a picture to show me. Here it is!

My heart is SOOOOOOOO HAPPY! I cannot even tell Y’all how excited I was. Am! We shouldn’t ever give up hope for things we really, really, REALLY want to happen! Never. Right?

Have a Wonderful Week, Sweet Friends! Be hopeful. Be faithful. Be patient.


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