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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

temporarily out of order...

We’re sick. Me and My Sweet Hubby (MSH). Mostly MSH. He’s much worse than I am. At this point. 102-degree fever last night. I always worry about pneumonia—with his heart condition. (We’ve both had our flu and pneumonia vaccines. But we may have done the flu shots too early. There’s always a danger in the timing.)

I’m taking him to our family doctor after lunch today. (Soonest we could get in.) In the meantime, I have to hope that I don’t get as ill as he currently is. I don’t think Buddy Boo Bear (our dog) or Hunter (our cat) are capable of being our nurses. Sigh.

Y’all stay well! Have a WONDERFUL week. Will be back in touch ASAP…

p.s.: Hope Y'all are reading our "Labels" at the bottom of our posts. No. TLC still doesn't do them. And hers are always, ALWAYS the best. Makes me sad. Hint. Hint, TLC. You can't see them on your iPhones/cells, I don't think. Have to look at our blog web version. Winky. Wink.

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