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Friday, February 24, 2017

friendsip love...

I LOVE my friends! I’m so truly lucky to have such dear, sweet, kind, special friends in my life. From junior high, college, my early marriage years, church, school days with TLC, work, My Sweet Husband’s long, long career, Facebook and even Words With Friends (Howdy, Mackie!), I’ve been beyond blessed.

My precious friend, Emily, surprised me with a very, VERY unexpected (and completely unnecessary) gift a few weeks ago. We’d met for our monthly Pedi and Lunch Date. She gave me the cutest sack with this fancy dish in it:

Isn’t it lovely? Could there be a more accurate statement about GOOD friends? I can’t even imagine what it would be. It's most definitely the way I feel about Emily.

Now here’s the funny/cRaZy/weird thing she said about this gift:

She thought I might use it as a jewelry dish when I’m at TLC’s!

Why, you wonder, is that weird? BECAUSE: (As I looked at Emily with my mouth open, I explained the reason I was totally blown away.)

ELC: Three visits ago, I was in My Room at TLC’s getting ready for bed, when I noticed the pretty bowl she'd given me months ago, to use for my jewels, was gone. I didn’t really have the nerve to ask TLC (a tired, often cranky Mom of a baby that RARELY sleeps all night) where the heck my bowl went! I’d decided I’d bring my own the next time I drove East.

Voila! I now had a new dish to bring! I mean, seriously, don’t y’all think that’s kind of spooky?

So here’s Emily’s charming dish on said nightstand time before last my last visit to TLC—full of my jewelry!  

I adore it. And I cherish Emily and her amazing friendship. Thank you, Darling Doll.

Y’all please have a WONDERFUL weekend—full of STARS and jewels, FUN and FRIENDSHIP!


p.s.: That bowl? I found it on TLC's entry hall table. It's empty. But it's still pretty. Winky. Wink. I don't need it.

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