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Sunday, February 5, 2017

sheesh and wowzer...

…it’s February.

Actually, it’s February 5th. CrAzY.

I’ve challenged TLC to write “love” posts for the rest of this month. This should NOT be too difficult, right?

I’m going to start!

I LOVE the way Little Leighton (aka LL aka Biscuit) thinks. Talks. Laughs. Makes me laugh.

A few days ago, TLC, LL, Baby Elle (aka Belle) and I were Facetiming. (LL only had to see a teensy bit of where I was to know I was in my boffice (guest bedroom/office). I was impressed. At one point, I reminded TLC that, the next morning, Emily and I would be going to have our monthly pedi and lunch date. I said: I’ve got to call David, to see if he can do my toes.

LL chimed in: David Muir?

Apparently, David Muir is the only “David” Little Leighton knows.

TLC and I immediately cracked up! She told LL there were many other “Davids,” including the man who does my pedis. We were truly tickled. (Would I love David Muir to give me a pedi? Yes. Yes, I would. Perhaps have lunch with me and Emily. And then I woke up…)

A few other “goodies” from Biscuit:

There was the day, a few months ago, I felt I should tell LL “more gooder” was not the right way to say that. She just looked at me. Turned around and went along her merry way.

There was the night, a few weeks ago, I was putting her to bed at her casa. We’d read our three books. Said our prayers. Had our sip of water. Grammy was sitting at the end of her bed—waiting for her to go to sleep before I slipped out. She was flipping back and forth. Then she yawned. She quickly sat up and said: That was me yawning, Grammy! I smiled and assured her I knew it was. Bless her heart. Did she think I thought it was one of her fifteen stuffed animals/dolls on her bed? God love her.

Finally, there was the afternoon, not too long ago—at our casa—she and I were watching television in her room.  A commercial came on for a hair conditioner and they were talking about how good it smelled. She went up close to the TV to try to see if she could smell it! I really think she knew she couldn’t. But it was sooo convincing—she had to try.

I LOVE My Biscuit. With all of my heart and soul.

Y’all have a WONDERFUL Week!

Smooches and Hugs, Dear Friends…

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