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Friday, February 10, 2017

i love... new perfume!

I celebrated my birthday this week. ELC was here, helping me watch the (sick) girls. (Yep. We're sick. Again. The girls gifted me their lovely germs for my birthday this year. I literally came down with their gunk that afternoon. Thank GOODNESS I was able to get some solo-birthday-shopping done early in the morning. I would have sworn it was just allergies. Oops. And--UGH.)

I was also able to have lunch with My Sweet Friend, Lauren! I cherish our time together. This year, she gave me a gift card to one of her most favorite new stores. I hadn't been yet and wanted to immediately go. They sell skincare, makeup, fragrances, candles. Lauren has impeccable taste, and I knew if she thought this store was fabulous, I would, too. I had so much fun browsing and instantly made a little "mental wish list" for future visits. This time, though, I used my gift card to buy my first Jo Malone perfume. I am nuts over this scent. ELC can attest I am SUPER picky/sensitive about perfume--I can't do florals. I can't do sweet. I can't do anything "musky." I like citrus. Fresh. Clean. This pretty little bottle does this trick. It's called "Wood Sage and Sea Salt," and it is YUMMY. It is light--not too overwhelming-- and just simply delightful. 

The perfume I've worn for almost ten years now has apparently been discontinued. (Of course.) I purchased my last bottle on Amazon before Baby Elle was born. I've been hoarding it ever since. It's sitting in my bathroom cabinet, unopened, and it may stay there. I really think I've found my new go-to scent! Y'all should try this out ASAP. Wouldn't it be a nice little Valentine's Treat for yourself? Winky-wink.

Do you know what else I love? Bedtime. Yep. I do--as do most parents. We FaceTimed ELC and My Sweet Dad after lunch this afternoon, and I told them I really wished it was bedtime. Oh, the days are long. Especially when my two bosses are also cranky from being sick and bored. Thank goodness they're asleep now! I'm off to take my Benadryl and say my prayers that my children at least let me sleep until 4:30 tonight/tomorrow.

TGIF, peeps!

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