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Thursday, May 11, 2017

twenty-two and counting down...

Y’all remember when I shared that I was beginning Weight Watchers? I’d originally posted “pounds and pounds of love” in February. For whatever WEIRD reason that post is now dated March 17th. (I don’t know what I did and/or why it moved. Sheesh. Sometimes I don’t get you, Blogger.)

Well, today I attended my 8th meeting and have an update!

(Yes. You are supposed to attend meetings on a weekly basis. I’m not able to always do that since my Grammy Nanny “job” often has me out of town/away from home. Yes. I could find a meeting somewhere near TLC’s current place of residence. Honestly? I like our Leader and our meetings and I’m doing okay going every other week. So there you go.)

DRUM ROLLas of this morning, I’ve lost 22.2 pounds! Woo Hoo and YIPPEE ME!

I’m not going to lie. I’m proud. I’m motivated. I’ve changed many (sadly, not all) bad habits in the past 15-ish weeks. (I signed up for the POSITIVELY AWESOME WW App on January 27th. Attended my first meeting on February 2nd.)

I no longer eat at night—after dinner. Or eat for no good reason. I was completely out of control with late-night (and unnecessary) snacking. HORRIBLY out of control. (Not when I was at TLC’s casa. She doesn’t allow anyone to eat after dinner. No one. Up until January 27th, I’d often thought I would bring some candy or chips or crackers in my overnight bag to her house. She’d never have known. I’d have taken my trash back to my house with me. Yep. I absolutely would have. I never did it, TLC. Not once.) Anyway, I’ve had a steady weight loss of over a pound a week since I began this journey. I’ve had not one “official” weigh-in where I’ve gained. I do think that will happen. I’m not being pessimistic. I’m being realistic. I’ll be ready for it if and when it does occur. Trust me. I refuse to let it discourage me or set me off on a binge. I CAN DO THIS.

I have, at this point, and according to WW, twelve pounds to go to reach what they have set as my “lifetime” goal. For the first time in many, many, MANY years, I feel certain I can reach this weight. Heckfire, I might even make it 17 more pounds! WTHeck?

Today I’m grateful for Gunny (Sunny’s sister who inspired Sunny and I to try this new WW program. By the way: Gunny and Sunny are both doing fabulous! We’re all having success, but it was Gunny who got this ride rolling. Love you, Gal. THANK YOU. From the bottom of my thinner heart.); for our FANTASTIC WW Leader and the two lovely women who work the scales, etc., every Thursday for three meetings; the wonderful Church who has allowed Weight Watchers to have their meetings there for years—like well over 30!; My Sweet Hubby (MSH), who has supported me 1000% since the day I started; TLC, who also has been a much-appreciated cheerleader for me; my friend Emily, who also attends WW and cheers me on; new friends I have met there and old friends I had no idea were WW members; and, last, but never, ever, ever least—My Lord God Almighty. I feel His pride in my decision to become healthier.

Oh, OOPS! I cannot forget—OPRAH! (See how I feel about her in my previous “pounds and pounds of love” post!)

Happy Friday Eve, Friends! May I encourage you to do something HEALTHY for yourself this weekend? Drink more water? Eat one less cookie or donut? Eat one more orange or apple! CARE ABOUT YOURSELF. You’ll be glad you did.


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