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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

itty-bitty-ish recap...

So I’m looking at the calendar on my iPhone for May, 2017. Out of 30 (I know it has 31 but this is the 30th and tomorrow should be quiet-ish) days? I had six free. On those six days? Pretty sure they were housecleaning, laundry, cooking, errand-running, appointment-attending days. I vaguely recall a couple of lazy afternoons on the davenport. But other than those, it was FULL, FAST and FURIOUS.

Am I complaining? No. Truly. I’m not. I’m grateful My Sweet Hubby (MSH) and I are healthy enough to drive and visit and babysit and cook and clean and do yardwork (him). Visit doctors. Etc.

My highlights:

Three (of our seven) grandchildren “graduated” from school. Little Leighton (aka LL aka Biscuit) from 4-year-old pre-school. (Y’all saw my thoughts on that. They may have seemed cynical. It was still SWEET and I loved watching her be such a BIG girl!) Our two oldest grandchildren graduated from two different high schools in Houston. (Fortunately they were on two different Friday evenings.) Yes. That meant two LONG driving trips to Houston. Five to five-and-a-half hour trips. Could have been eight-hour trips. Thirty-five-hour trips. Didn’t matter. We were grateful to be able to see Sophia (second oldest grandchild) and W.R. (oldest grandchild by about five weeks!) graduate from their fantastic high schools and get ready to attend The University of Texas at Austin and Texas A&M University. Sophia will be a Longhorn. W. R. an Aggie. Both kids’ Dads (our oldest two sons) attended the universities they will now be a part of and that, Friends, is TRES SPECIAL.

We also spent a lovely Saturday evening with MSH’s younger sister in Austin. She’s smart, beautiful, funny, wise and ready for a new man. Winky. Wink. (We’re on the lookout for her!)

As May ends and June appears, I’d like to share four of my favourite photos from this month! (Yep—time to humour moi…)

Baby Elle. In a wagon, with LL, being pulled by MSH/Pa-Pa at our casa. We’d gone to our Barn fridge to get some taters. I adore the way she’s studying the box! She cracks us up. Constantly.

Biscuit. Working at her Mom’s yard sale—attending to the “Children’s Table!” She really got into it! Made $30 for her very own Target money.

Sophia. Our beautiful/oldest granddaughter! SMART. Kind. Sweet. A Dancer Extraordinaire. Ready for college!

W.R. With MSH/GrandPa (MSH has THREE “grandfather” names. He doesn’t much like that—because I only have one. Actually, Baby Elle is calling me Ga-Ga. I think she’ll say Grammy when she can. Time will tell. I may have two names in the future. W.R. calls him GrandPa. Sophia calls him Pa-Dad.)/Grammy. SMART. Handsome. Kind. TALENTED. He’s an actor, singer and amazing pianist. Ready for college!

Come on June! I’m ready for ya!
ta-ta for now…


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