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Monday, June 5, 2017

when a trip to walmart becomes...

entertainment. Yes. Seriously.

Let me back up:

Last Tuesday, TLC and Little Girls were to come stay with me and My Sweet Hubby (MSH) for four nights. TLC was going home, alone, on Friday morn. Then we were going to take Little Leighton (aka LL aka Biscuit) and Baby Elle (aka Belle) home after lunch on Saturday.

CHANGE OF PLANS. No shock here. What's new?

Belle had been feeling icky for a few days. Not sleeping well. LL had already visited their pediatrician week before last and had one ear infection and pink eye (NOT from Grammy—my pink eye was back in January. Whew.). TLC knew she’d better not drive two hours away from home—to the country—with a sickly baby. She took Belle to the doctor on Tuesday afternoon. Low and behold, she had TWO ear infections and pink eye. Poor Baby.

Loaded up with antibiotics and despite the fact that Belle hadn’t had a decent night’s sleep (therefore TLC had had none, either) in days, TLC and The Little Girls got here Wednesday afternoon. TLC was still going to go home Friday afternoon and we were prepared to keep Our Little Angels until Saturday afternoon.

Wednesday night? ROUGH. Not much sleep happening in Belle’s crib. Thursday night? ROUGHER. Belle was awake from 11:45 until 4:15. TLC had had virtually no sleep in almost two weeks. I insisted she go into her old bedroom and crawl into bed with LL. (LL had no clue TLC was even there. She was surprised when she woke up the next morning.)

Grammy ELC? I got a little less than three hours of sleep Thursday night. I ended up putting Belle in our bed at 4:15. MSH went ahead and got up—sitting quietly in the den, reading his iPad. I was grateful to him. He’d not had a lot of sleep himself, but he gave me his side of the bed so Belle could have mine. Baby Elle was having nothing to do with her crib. I mean NADA. We fear this is going to be a new pattern and we’re not sure what we’re going to do about it during future visits. Sigh. She screamed every time I attempted to put her down in it. Which was a minimum of THIRTY times in those four hours.

TLC woke to learn how bad the night had been and realized Belle would have to go back to the doctor. MSH and I asked if we could keep Biscuit until Sunday or Monday. (Sadly, TLC and Her Hubby were going to have to drag Belle around looking at homes in the town they are going to move to soon…and stay out of their house with her while prospective buyers looked at their home.) TLC and Belle left about 12:30—after lunch. I cried. The weather was scary. It had all become quite stressful and worrisome. I did my best to hide my tears and fears from LL. TLC made it home and to the doctor's office with Baby Elle sleeping the entire time. Two and a half hours. God love and bless her pooped little heart.

The Trip to Walmart (aka Hellmart/aka WallyWorld) happened Saturday morning. In the midst of all of our trials and tribulations, we were having rain. A very acceptable amount! Some quite heavy and with some high winds. (We refuse to allow ourselves to complain about rain. We simply cannot.)

(Friday afternoon, after TLC and Belle had headed to the Metroplex, MSH and I took LL into town for some MoYo--MSH’s name for frozen yogurt—no matter what the yogurt store/business is called—he calls it MoYo. We’d hoped to run into Walmart for some food items. Just a few. I’d also told LL she could get three things. A game. Two little “cars” that she wanted for herself and Baby Elle. Some jellies (plastic shoes). While we were in the MoYo store, a storm came up. Ominous looking. We made the decision to get home as quickly and safely as possible and try to do Walmart Saturday morn.)

Saturday morn it was still rainy, but we were thinking we could get tres bored in the house all day. We went to town soon after breakfast. Our 60-Minute-At-The-Most-Including-The-Trips-Back-And-Forth-Adventure turned into 2 1/2 hours! MSH roamed the Hellmart aisles alone while Biscuit and Grammy slowly perused the toy aisles, clothes 'and shoes' areas, crayons' and stickers' aisle. We had FUN. We didn’t buy too many things not on our list (Truth, TLC. Teeheehee!). We departed for home to enjoy a lovely, gluten-free lunch of beef hot dogs (Oscar Mayer “Natural”—YUMMO), tater chips and a Disney game!

Meanwhile, Baby Elle got a horrid shot late Friday afternoon. She’d had three of them a few months ago—one per day for three days in a row. TLC knew how much it was going to hurt her. Had to be done. She’s gotten better and better with each passing day, thank You, Lord! Belle's doctor told TLC Belle could only have one shot this time. It needed to work.

Saturday evening, Biscuit and Grammy spent the night over at our Barn apartment! She loves it there. Her first time to stay there (It’s never necessary. She’s had her own room at our home since she was born!) was last Summer. She’s bugged us and bugged us to do it again. We’d be sixty yards away from our home, in a quiet/cool apartment, and MSH could work on hunting down an armadillo that was demolishing our yard and gardens. I said: OKAY!

Biscuit and I had a wonderful night of sweet sleep! (The Armadillo Hunt was, sadly, futile.) We packed up her bags after breakfast Sunday morn, made her a car picnic lunch, and took her to meet her Mama and Belle Sunday around noon. (We meet at a Target in Euless or Grapevine. We’re not sure which town it’s actually in. I am sure of this: Until they get the store remodeled, I am NOT going back in. It is a hot mess. Been that way for months.) MSH and I missed Biscuit the moment we drove away. Sniff Sniff.

Note: We (When I see “we” I mostly mean ME.) did have an unfortunate incident on the way to meet TLC. I was driving my car and was stopped by a Highway Patrol Officer. (A beautiful young woman!) For speeding. First stop in about eight years. I’ll cover that debacle in my next post. Suffice it to say I was not proud Little Leighton saw it all go down from the backseat. Sheesh.

MSH and I have a HUGELY big/cRaZy/frantic week coming up. Hope Y’all’s will be smoother and easier than what we’re expecting. Yikes.

It’s JUNE, Y'all! Have a Marvelous Monday and Wonderful Week...wherever in the World you are...



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