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Monday, June 26, 2017

twinkle. with a "g"

So Little Leighton (aka LL aka Biscuit) has come to the country for two nights/three days. Yippee and Woo Hoo! My Sweet Hubby (aka MSH aka Pa-Pa) and Grammy ELC are hugely thrilled! Duh. Double DUH.

LL has missed and loves, loves, LOVES our three Mama cows! Y’all may remember she named them. Dixie. Elsie. And Twinkle. “With a ‘g’.” Okay, we have no clue where she got the “with a ‘g’.” Not an iota of an idea where that could possibly have come from. But that’s what MSH and I now call this cow: Twinkle. With a “g.”

When we met TLC and Baby Elle at our rendevous spot this morn—a Target store in Grapevine—LL asked Pa-Pa if he had fed the cows. She was delighted when he told her he’d saved that job for her. It was the FIRST thing she wanted to do when we got to our casa.

We fed The Cow Gals. Went into town for MoYo (aka frozen yogurt. Pa-Pa calls all frozen yogurt places “MoYo.”). Got back home around 3:00 p.m. Watched the newest Sofia the First (even though LL confessed she’s already seen it six or seven times) Grammy had recorded. Ate a truly healthy, and delicious, gluten-free dinner. Played for a very long time in her bath—which she gets to do at Grammy and Pa-Pa’s—but not typically at her house. Read four books—instead of the usual two she gets at her house—at bedtime. (Are y’all seeing a pattern here? LL runs this place. No point in trying to deny it.) She passed out in seconds once Grammy told her to shut her eyes, quit wiggling, and go to sleep. Please. Grammy is pooped. 

Tomorrow will be a “Girls’ Only Day” in town. Shopping (Hellmart and one of Biscuit's all-time most favourite stores, Staples. I can’t make that up.), followed by a quick stop at the beauty shop for a trim of LL’s too-long bangs. Pa-Pa has yardwork. It was his idea that we go in without him. Winky. Wink.

Grammy and LL will head to TLC’s on Wednesday. I’ll stay the night. Baby Elle is confused about where her Big Sis is and I need a few of Elle's sweet wittle hugs and smooches.

Have a Wonderful Week, Everyone!

ta-ta for now…


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