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Friday, June 30, 2017

Friday in Texas...

Little Leighton (aka LL aka Biscuit) and I made the trip East to her casa Wednesday. After an early lunch. I knew she’d have to make a “potty” stop and I was going to need gas. We did this in Weatherford. At a new, big gas station. Everything was great. Then we got back on the Interstate only to be caught in a parking lot. I swear. They get these highways down to one lane—on the pretense of doing roadwork—only to cause major hang-ups and headaches. (I often dream, as I'm sitting completely still and wondering if I should have brought a sleeping bag, of the opportunity to talk to the people in charge of this "roadwork." I'd love to know how THEY feel when they're caught up in what appears to be ridiculous delays. Sigh. The two-hour trip took almost three. Biscuit was pretty patient, though. God love her.

We found TLC and Baby Elle waiting for us in the driveway! They’d been alone for about 36 hours. They were ready for some relief and entertainment. God love them.

I came back home yesterday evening. Today My Sweet Hubby and I are going to Ft. Worth. We feel the need to escape chores and work for a few hours. It’s hot. SO. VERY. HOT. Duh. It’s Texas.

Have a Fabulously FANTASTIC Friday and Wonderful Weekend, Dearest Friends…AND God love each of YOU!

Love and BIG Hugs,


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