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Saturday, July 1, 2017

jump and jive!

The first day of July. 2017. Sheesh.

Well, this month is going to be beyond cRaZy.

Soooooooo........recognizing this fact........we're going to go ahead and surrender to the craziness and use this month as a time to reflect back on Julys (Julies? I have no clue how to make this grammatically correct.) in the past seven years.

Now, re-posting past posts will require ELC to depend on TLC. (I have not one clue how to either link from past posts or copy and paste the actual post.) Reliance on TLC is IFFY--at best.

Be patient with us. PLEASE. Our minds will be on vacation. Our bodies, souls, hearts and spirits? In flux. And, as always in Texas, all five of those things will be HOT. Very, very, VERY hot.

Here's hoping each of Y'all will have a Jumpin'/Jivin' July! Wherever in this World Y'all are...


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