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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

splashes of pleasure...

From Jesus Lives. By Sarah Young.


KEEP YOUR FOCUS ON ME--AND ON THE CROWN OF LIFE I HAVE PROMISED TO THOSE WHO LOVE ME. There is a sense in which life on this earth is an endurance contest. It can be helpful to view your life this way, because then you're not shocked or disappointed by the many trials you encounter. Nonetheless, I do provide splashes of pleasure even in the midst of your hardest times. Among the many blessings I have for you, the Joy of My Presence is always available to you.

The crown of Life is similar to the wreath that was rewarded for athletic victory in biblical times. However, those athletes competed to get a perishable crown--a wreath of greenery--and you are receiving a crown that will last forever! Whenever you are feeling battered by life's trials, remember the crown of righteousness that is stored up for you. Because it is My righteousness that saves you, this eternal reward is absolutely guaranteed. I have promised to give it to all those who love Me--who long for My return. When I, the Chief Shepherd, come back for you, you will receive the crown of Glory that will never fade away!

The Leightons and Baby Elle do so love crowns! But life's trials are tough right now. Moving is HARD. (Even when it's not actually you moving! Sigh.) I pray for energy, strength, and patience! I pray to Our Dear Lord God Almighty and His Son, Jesus Christ, for their love, hope, peace and forgiveness.


Hope each of you has a WONDERFUL Wednesday!

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