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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

In the midst...

of TLC’s move to a new home—second move in a little over two years—and all of the chaos, confusion, and exhaustion—it became August. AUGUST. Oh. My. Lord. The last two weeks of July? Vanished. Completely disappeared in the hot, steamy Texas wind.

This week is cRaZy. Naturally. Could I expect anything else? Sigh. My Sweet Hubby (MSH) and I will pick up Little Leighton (aka LL aka Biscuit) and Baby Elle (aka Belle) on Friday morning. We’ll attempt to keep them entertained until Monday morning (Which won’t be easy since it’s virtually impossible to step outside our home after 10:00 a.m. every morning and stay healthy…However, the DFW Weather Peeps are promising cooler temps for the next 5-6 days—which only means low 90s instead of the 100s). Late Monday morn, we’ll take them to their new home! (An hour-and-fifteen-minutes will be our driving opposed to the over-two hour previous drive to their current house. YES!)

Grammy Nanny ELC is missing My Little Angels! I said goodbye to My Three Gals last Thursday after being with them for nine out of twelve days (TLC's Hubby was in Connecticut for almost two weeks). TLC had thought I might need to help her today and/or tomorrow. She is under the impression she has the remaining packing etc. all worked out—or so she believes. I’m here at our country casa. Cleaning. Doing laundry. Getting our groceries and gluten-free menus planned for Our Little Girls’ Visit.

I’m going to be, once again, taking over lolwiththeleightons for a few weeks. Maybe even months. I’ll valiantly attempt to figure out how to post pictures! I’m a bit worried. I rarely save them on this old, outdated desktop computer I use. I try—and then I can’t seem to locate them. I’ll make an extraordinary effort and maybe even get MSH to help me! He can be quite handy. Sometimes. With computers. (He’s HUGELY handy with meals—vacuuming—yardwork—errands. He’s the BEST with all of those things. Not laundry. Not potties. Most everything else. Hey, I’m lucky he does as much as he does. Don’t you worry one itty-bitty bit: I so cherish his help and I mean CHERISH!)

So bear with me, Friends…as always, I have things to say! Y’all have no doubts about that fact, right?

Wishing us all an AWESOME August! Before we can blink, Autumn will be here. It’ll still be hotter-than-you-know-what in Texas. We’ll be pretending it’s cool and crisp while we fix or purchase our pumpkin lattes! (Oh, dear. TLC will drive us all NUTS with her Fall Obsession soon. Sheesh.)

Smooches and BIG Hugs and TA-TA FOR NOW!


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