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Saturday, August 26, 2017

why harvey???

Why? Why couldn’t you have just stayed out in the Gulf and chilled?

This dadgum hurricane fortunately doesn’t affect My Sweet Hubby (MSH) and me. Or TLC and her Gang. We’re far enough north to only be looking at some possible rain. (Or so “they” say! Those weather forecasters who don’t always get it right, right?) But it does affect our four sons and their families. They all live in Houston. Well, okay. That’s not exactly the 100% truth.

The two oldest live in Houston. The third son has an apartment in Houston and is there every other week. But he works in New York City.  He is currently in Houston. Our youngest son (TLC is our youngest child and only daughter) and his wife actually live in Scottsdale, Arizona. He’s an ER doctor that works in Houston several days every month. He’s also there now.

All say they are fine! The potential problem is the rain is not going to stop. For days. And days. Or…so “they” say.

MSH and I continue to pray to Our Lord God Almighty that the flooding doesn’t happen. That it’s minimal. Or that the predicted torrential rains miraculously stop! That the weather peeps are wrong. As they’ve often been in the past.

Time will tell. (There are already too many heartbreaking stories on TV. So. Difficult. To. Watch.)

Meanwhile, MSH and I had a different kind of week! We escaped to Louisiana! Our get-away was to be for two nights. Three days. It turned into one night. I won’t bore y’all with the details of our change in plans. I’ll only say that we had FUN. Much to TLC’s shock, we were happy with our choice to end it sooner than we intended. We ended up coming home the second night but then, On Thursday, took our time to look, all day, at some places/towns we’ll consider as a possible new home for us. When (and if?) our place sells in the next few weeks. Or months?

Time will tell on this, too…SIGH.

I’m heading, after lunch, to see My Girls! TLC and Her Hubby have plans for a Date Night in their new hometown. It involves lots of yummy food and a movie…in a City Park. (Assuming it won’t get rained out…) So Grammy ELC will be a Nanny tonight! I keep forgetting My Girls are 45 minutes closer and that I don’t have to allow two hours to travel to their casa. This is lovely! Wow. I’ll be home by noon-ish manana.

MSH is expecting his youngest sister to come for dinner—possibly spend the night. She’s helping her oldest grandchild (and only granddaughter) move back into her dorm at the State University in our sweet (soon to be ex? sniffy sniff...) hometown. She’s lives in Austin—and Austin is in the path of major rain and flooding.

Time will tell on whether her visit will happen or if she’ll feel she needs to get back home as quickly as possible today.

Sending each of you HUGS and my best wishes  this Saturday morn for safety, good health, happiness and NO FLOODING rains in your life…

smooches and ta-ta for now, Dearest Friends...

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