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Sunday, August 13, 2017

moment by moment...

From Jesus Lives, by Sarah Young:


CONSIDER IT ALL JOY WHEN YOU ENCOUNTER VARIOUS TRIALS. You can consider something a joyful opportunity even when you are feeling quite joyless. Some definitions of “consider” are: “to think about seriously; to regard as; to believe after deliberation.” You may need to ponder your circumstances at length before you can view them in a positive light. You need to give yourself time for your feelings to settle down. It’s hard to think clearly with high levels of emotions surging through your brain. Once you have calmed down, you will be able to think seriously about your situation. Invite Me into this process of deliberation, and My Presence will improve your perspective: helping you see your trials in the Light of eternity.

As you look at your circumstances from My perspective, you come to understand that these multiple problems are testing your faith. This is both an opportunity (to strengthen your faith) and a temptation (to let your feelings “trump” your faith).

One of the hardest things about trials is the uncertainty about how long they will last. Usually, you can’t predict or control the unpleasant circumstances. You just have to live with them indefinitely. At times you may feel as if you can endure no more, but you can always reach to Me for help. As you cling to Me moment by moment, I enable you to persevere. This produces in you not only endurance but also a harvest of righteousness and peace.

Consider it all joy…when you encounter various trials, because you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance.

JAMES 1:2-3

As we entertain and visit with two of our five Houston grandkids this weekend, TLC and Her Hubby continue to unpack boxes. Settle into their new home. Yesterday afternoon, their downstairs air conditioner went out. Lack of cool air in Texas? In August? TOUGH STUFF. Truly CHALLENGING.

She texted me to let me know she and The Little Girls might have to make the trip to our casa and spend a couple of nights. I said: “Come on!” The cousins were missing The Little Girls anyway! They finally found a company to come over and fix it. AND the cost wasn’t as bad as they expected.

Trust me when I confess TLC has come by her negative impatience honestly. Her Mama has too much of it. We both have an excess amount of moments we feel we can “endure no more…” At 63? I’m still working on this terrible trait/habit/albatross. My prayer for my Sweet Daughter today is that she learn to look to Jesus for comfort and strength. That she take deeper breaths. That she lean on her faith and God and Jesus’ past grace.

God bless each of you, Friends, with perspective. Calm in the midst of your personal storms. And, ultimately? JOY. The JOY that only Jesus Christ can give us.

Happy Sunday!

p.s.: My Sweet Hubby and I pray constantly for the anger, hate, and useless violence in America to end. Enough. It must stop. Yesterday.

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