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Friday, June 23, 2017

no pink ray...

Long-ish week. Good times. Tough Times. FUN times. TLC was lucky enough to have lunch with her special, dear, treasured friend, Taylor. This Marvelous Mom of two PRECIOUS boys, Baker Extraordinaire (She makes the most beautiful, exquisite, amazing iced cookies—they are literally Art!), SMART, gorgeous, FUNNY, KIND and THOUGHTFUL friend brought TLC a decorated sack (She also does incredible calligraphy—this girl is tooooooooo talented for her own good.) full of her (Taylor's) favourite things. Surprised and totally touched TLC’s heart.

Grammy ELC Nanny-ied Little Leighton and Baby Elle while TLC and Taylor ventured to a favourite cafĂ© in downtown McKinney. TLC DESERVED a  few moments away from her hourly stress, frustration, home-selling-buying challenges! Just seeing Taylor made me cry. (I'm old-ish. Many old-ish women cry about everything. Sigh.) If Y'all don't remember who Taylor is: She and TLC have known each other most of their lives. Although Taylor was a couple of grades ahead of TLC in school, they grew up together.  She was TLC’s Big Sister in their sorority and a Maid of Honor in TLC’s wedding. She is AWESOME. Period. End of story. She left as traffic was about to get horrid. Pretty sure I cried. Again.

I got my 25-lb weight loss “charm” at my local Weight Watchers’ meeting yesterday! I’m collecting key-chain charms (they are adorable) and currently working on the cutest little “sunglasses” charm for Summer. The challenge is to make 11 out of 13 weekly meetings. I’m determined to get it! (I’ve actually lost almost 27 pounds. Eleven-ish to go. I CAN DO THIS.)

Today is a semi-lazy Friday for moi. Home chores. Etc. TLC and Her Little Princesses are looking for their future home! They’re trying to see three this morning. Time’s a tickin’! Their home has a contract. We PRAY it sticks. Pray with us—if you have a few extra seconds and feel inclined. This Precious Family is excited about change and moving upward and onward! They need many details to work out. Too many have floundered/failed. SHEESH.

TLC called me on her way to meet their realtor in their upcoming hometown a couple of hours ago. Little Leighton (aka LL aka Biscuit) found out she’s coming to Grammy and Pa-Pa’s casa Sunday. (She doesn’t know she’s going to a play with us that afternoon in Ft. Worth. We save info like this for the day it is happening. Complications can be BRUTAL if something doesn’t actually happen. This will be only her second play in almost five years! We think she’ll love it. A report on that to follow next week!) While she was on Bluetooth/Speaker, I reminded her to bring her Moana DVD.

LL: Trolls, too, Grammy?

ELC: Yes! Trolls, too! (I’ve seen neither movie.)

LL: Well, there are two Rays in that one. One is a Blu Ray, Grammy. No Pink Ray! You can’t play it on a Pink Ray. Do you have a Blu Ray?

At this point, TLC and I were so tickled we simply could not suppress our laughter.

ELC: Yes, Biscuit. Grammy has a Blu Ray!

Little Leighton. We cherish her funny, quirky, silly little brain…it comes up with the darnedest thoughts!

She’ll be staying with us for three to four nights. My Sweet Hubby (MSH) and I cannot wait. We adore every second we get to be with her. Y’all are too very aware of this fact. We believe she feels our love and devotion. We want her to ALWAYS feel it. We’ll miss Baby Elle. We will! But she deserves some one-on-one time with Mama TLC! The kind of time LL got before Princess Baby Elle arrived to ROCK Our Family’s World. (Plus, Baby Elle is lovingly called Our Wild Child. She’s hard for these two Seniors to keep up with for two nights. Cannot do three to four nights without the possibility of a trip to the ER. And I’m meaning MSH or moi going to the ER. Not Baby Elle.)

Hope each of you out there has a Wonderful Weekend—wherever in the World you are! (Stay away from Pink Rays, ‘k? Winky. Wink.)



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