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Monday, September 18, 2017

i'm baaaccckkk...

Hi, friends!

I'm quickly typing this while watching the baby monitor. Baby Elle has decided over the last three weeks that sleeping uninterrupted at night is just for the birds. It seems to be occurring roughly every other night, as it appears she's in the habit of having one bad night followed by one good night (because she's clearly exhausted). Tonight is already a bad night, and it's still (relatively) early.

Y'all. I. Am. Done.

After listening to her cry and cry and cry, I finally broke down and went into her room about an hour ago. She was thirsty. After guzzling water, she asked if I would rock her. I obliged. Then she tried chatting with me and pointing out my facial features: eyes, nose, mouth, yougetthepoint. At that juncture, I bid her farewell and put her back down. She's not currently asleep but at least she isn't wailing.

We are slowly, but surely, settling into our new home and new town. The weekend we moved was ROUGH. I cried. A LOT. I loved my home and neighbors and friends and my precious Downtown and yummy restaurants. Even at 33, I still have a hard time accepting change. My Hubby had been out of town for the two weeks prior to our move, and I was simply overwhelmed. I was certain I couldn't love my new home and new town as much as the life we were leaving.

I was WRONG. Hallelujah.

I adore our new town. I love Little Leighton's school. I love the church we've decided to attend. I love the public library. I love the restaurants. Though there is quite a bit of "revamping" we would like done at our new house, I really do love it, too. The layout is much more functional.

I also love the sweet, little Farmer's Market around our Town Hall! We decided to scope it out last Saturday and were truly impressed!

Here is a picture of LL with the amazing bouquet of flowers we brought home. It was ginormous and only $10! (Unfortunately, the flowers only lasted two days at our casa. Not because they weren't still beautiful but because my allergies were not fond of the pollen. Boo.)

I hope to be back blogging at least once a week now. Thank you to ELC for her endless support, help and general "covering for moi."

Wish me luck tonight. Jesus, take the wheel!

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