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Saturday, September 23, 2017

twilight and otis...

So Y’all might remember that Little Leighton named our three Mama cows: Elsie. Twinkle and Dixie. AWESOME names. Truly. Yet this Grammy Ga-Ga ELC has never been able to call Twinkle anything but Twilight. I have no explanation for this faux pas. None. Fraudian? No clue.

TLC, Little Leighton (LL) and Baby Elle have been here since Thursday afternoon. I actually came with them from their house. Long story. (We’re going back to TLC’s this afternoon. So I can go to church with them tomorrow morning.)

Little Leighton could not wait to see the new baby calf she named Olaf. (Because, you see, Elsie is actually after Elsa. Her most treasured Princess. To date.) Grammy Ga-Ga was ‘fessin’ up to LL that I call Twinkle "Twilight." Bless LL’s sweet heart—she said: "Well, Grammy, let’s just call her Twilight." God love Grammy's Precious LL.

So while I was on a roll, I reminded her Pa-Pa (aka My Sweet Hubby aka MSH) is still calling the new bull calf Olaf “Otis.” She said it’d be okay if we changed his name, too. But I think she should not have to give up another name. We’ve been making MSH practice. Olaf. Olaf. Olaf. He almost has it. (Not. Not actually. Sigh.)

All of us Texas Leighton Gals (and Baby Elle) hope All of Y’all will have a WONDERFUL WEEKEND—wherever in this World you are!

Until we meet again…(And, yes, it will be TLC’s turn next week. Will be innerstin’ to see if she can hold up to the bargain she made with Her Mama and that would be MOI and that would be one post per week.)

ta-ta for now…


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