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Saturday, September 30, 2017

X marks the spot!

The past two weeks have been hectic. FUN. Tiring. Interesting. Challenging. Did I mention hectic?

TLC’s Hubby had been in training—in Connecticut—for his (semi) new job. Until last night. This was the second time he’d had to go in the past two months. Now that they live 45 minutes (minimum) closer to My Sweet Hubby (aka MSH) and moi, I’ve made a determined effort to help TLC out with My Sweet Girls—Little Leighton (aka LL aka Biscuit) and Baby Elle (aka Belle). This means I go there to TLC’s casa or she comes to ours frequently. In the past twelve nights? I’ve been with them for eight. TLC and I have only had very minor issues with each other. Yes. TLC gets frustrated with me. And I with her. Those things about each other that are alike? They are IDENTICAL. Those things about each other that are different? WOWZER. YIKES. SHEESH. Let's all take a breath and a BREAK.

So this go-round, we did GOOD. Very good. The Little Girls absolutely, positively, without a doubt CRACK THIS GRAMMY NANNY UP. Constantly.

Little Leighton? Sweet. Funny. Smart. Silly. Quiet/Shy. Ish. Mostly.

Baby Elle? WILD. Energetic. Adventurous (to the point of being downright RISKY). Curious. Silly. Silly like her Big Sis.

I always think I’m going to remember everything funny or touching or SMART that these two say and/or do. Of course, I don’t. I thought that when TLC was a baby/tot/child/adolescent/teen. You'd think one would learn. Nope.

But one cutie-thingie that happened was during their bath Wednesday night. TLC and I both have these foamy letters and numbers that stick to the sides of the tub—or to the wall—if it’s marble/tile, etc. For minutes of entertainment! (Notice I said "minutes." Sometimes it's closer to "seconds.") Both TLC and I had pretty much put these letters/numbers up a few months ago. Belle was trying to eat them. We didn’t think that was an especially good idea. Recently, both of us had gotten them back out to test her ability to understand she should NOT put them in her mouth. So far? So good.

Belle REALLY likes to put things on her head. Bowls. Toys. Clothes. Diapers (Not used. Thank You, Lord.). Paper plates. Food. Excluding food, once she places some object on her head she says: “Hat! Hat!” It’s PRECIOUS. Naturally I’d believe that. Winky. Wink. Probably not original. However, Biscuit didn't do this too much. She seemed to prefer tiaras for her wittle head.

So Wednesday night, Belle was putting those letters and numbers on her head and saying: “Hat!” TLC, LL and I were laughing. Duh. At some point, LL stuck the letter “X” on Belle’s head and said: “X marks the spot!”

Wwhhhaaaattttt? Where had our 5-year-old heard that expression? And how did she remember it and use it correctly—even though in such a cRaZy way?

I don’t know. She loves to look at maps. I suppose she’s read a book that talks about “X” marking the spot.

It was clever. SHE IS ADORABLE. They are BOTH ADORABLE. Yep. I'm that obnoxious grandmother. 24/7.

MSH came for a visit yesterday—my last day “on the job”—and helped TLC put up a curtain rod in her den/living room. We had lunch. I stayed with Belle while TLC, Biscuit and MSH went for a ride around TLC’s new hometown. There are beaucoups of tres charming/pretty/sweet places to see!

We got home yesterday afternoon and have been busy, busy since. Our country casa/place will be officially listed For Sale next week. Oh. No. Here I go. I get so verklempt when I even begin to think of leaving this amazing home we’ve been blessed with for over seventeen years. Who knows if it’ll sell fast? Maybe we’ll be sitting here two years from now with no offers. PROMISE: MSH and I are both at peace with God’s Plan for our future. We honestly are believing He has His Plan for us and we’ll know what it is at some point. In the meantime? We’re working on getting rid of STUFF. Clutter. CRAP. (Excuse my French.) We have enough for seventeen other peeps. Sigh.

Here’s hoping each of Y’all has a WONDERFUL Weekend—wherever in this world you are! Get rid of some crap in my honour--'kay?



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