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Saturday, June 2, 2018


…it is June. (Picture me shaking my head in utter dismay and shock. I mean, seriously. June?)

May zoomed by at an even faster rate of speed than normal. (Normal now? For all of us—no matter what our age? Minutes. Hours. Days. Weeks. Months. They all pass by at some kind o' ridiculously crazy warp speed.)

TLC’s May was full of end-of-school activities for Little Leighton.  Her own end-of-the-year Bible Study. New carpet. New fence. (And all that those last two things entail: Looking for bids. Comparing and considering the bids. Waiting, endlessly, for returned phone calls. Waiting for the contractors to be able schedule their work. Etc.)

She’s beginning June with lots of plans for The Little Princesses to stay busy, cool, happy and healthy! Swimming! Library trips! Visits with family and friends. They’ll also be going on a short little family vacay to San Antonio soon. (Sea World is calling Little Leighton’s name!!!) They’ve not been yet. This will be a BIG DEAL.

Baby Elle? Not a great traveler. (Biggest understatement of the year, actually.) Hopefully she’ll remember something nice about her first out-of-town vacation with her Mom, Dad and Big Sister! (If My Sweet Hubby—aka MSH—and I were going with them? I fear we’d be making a plan to meet them there. Winky. Wink. J/K, TLC. Or am I? Yikes. This traveling anxiety will pass as Baby Elle gets older. Surely. SURELY.)

Sadly, MSH and I saw not one prospective buyer the entire month of May. It’s discouraging. And, yet, as I say over and over, almost on an hourly basis:

Thy Will Be Done

The sale of our home and place? It’s all in God’s Hands. Nothing else we can do but keep everything clean. (The yard and pastures mowed and weed-eated. Flowers/gardens watered.) Then...wait. With as much faith and patience as possible.

All of us in Texas are preparing ourselves for a hot, HOT, SCORCHINGLY HELLACEOUS Summer. (You might ask: Can we, as Texans, truly prepare ourselves for the heat we’re about to experience? The answer is, honestly, NO. I don’t think we’re ever ready or prepared for how difficult it gets.)

Typically, we learned early on in our lives that July and August are our most difficult/hottest months. Sadly, June is starting off in a way that depresses us all. The weather peeps? Yeah, we pretty much don’t like any of them, at this point. Bless their negative and dark little hearts.

I hope each of Y’all has a Sweet Saturday and Sweeter Sunday!

Smooches and Big Hugs,


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