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Wednesday, June 6, 2018

little moments...

For Mom’s Day, TLC gifted me with the BEST STUFF. (Pretty sure I’ve already given her credit for the fabulous presents I received from her and My Little Princesses.) I’ll say it again—My Daughter is an extraordinary gift giver. She’s got talent. Creativity. Humor. Originality. She works that iPhone of hers—and all of her favourite websites, Instagram Peeps, etc.—like the highest paid and most brilliant CEO on Earth.

One of my marvelous gifts was a devotional book called Everyday Holy, by Melanie Shankle. 100 Devotions. “Finding a BIG GOD in the LITTLE MOMENTS.”


My Sweet Hubby (aka MSH) is completely amazed—every morning of our life together—at all of the “books” I read when I first wake up. The Bible. Jesus Calling. Jesus Lives. Jesus Today. My three little “prayer” books I reference on this blog all the time. OFTEN. Now I’ve added this sweet, funny, special, IMPORTANT devotional book to my Bed Full O’ God and Jesus books! (Trust me, please...this doesn't mean I even come close to the Christian I wish I was or could be. Not. Even. Close.)

Melanie (Would I love to have coffee with her someday and just listen to her wisdom? Yes. Yes, I would.) was a pharmaceutical rep. Now she writes books and is a speaker. Has one daughter. You learn a lot more about her each day as you read the devotions. And they’re not long. I can read them in 3-4 minutes. The longest ones. Less time, naturally, for the shorter ones.

I positively adore this book! I’d recommend it to any woman of any age. Well, maybe from 22-25ish on up. (Heck—I think MSH and lots of men I know might joy it!) Tomorrow morning I’ll read her 11th devotional. I seriously want to sit down and read the entire book! It’s just that fascinating/inspirational to me. I’m forcing myself to make it last the full 100 days. I feel almost certain I’ll be starting it over as soon as I’m finished.

This all brings me to our announcement about July! (drum roll...)

I’ve convinced TLC we need to re-visit our Yummies and Yeehaws! She’s agreed we can each recommend four to five
things/websites/recipes/food products/movies/books etc. that we’ve been treasuring/needing/wantings/cravings
we've had for either a week or a month or two years or forever. So BE READY, Friends! (There’s a possibility there will be a mascara or two discussed at some point during the month. You knew there would be, right? Teeheehee and Winky Wink.)

Y’all stay cool and happy and kind and patient and loving and giving—wherever in this World Y’all are on this Wonderful Wednesday.

smooches and hugs,


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