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Monday, June 25, 2018

butter me up!

I love it. Butter. I sometimes crave it. I don’t eat a lot of it. Never truly have—even at my most heaviest weight. But achieving Weight Watchers' Lifetime Membership causes me to be as wise as possible when it comes to butter. I have about ½ of a tablespoon 2-3 times a week. (On Sara Lee 45 toast. It is DELISH for 45 calories per slice. One point per slice for Weight Watchers. That is AWESOME.)

I was thinking about butter as I spread it on said toast this morn. (Warning: Bigtime Confession Forthcoming: After I spread it, I lick our plastic green butter knife. It’s actually My Sweet Husband’s—aka MSH—butter knife. He doesn’t like me to use it. He bought me two more of my own. So I wouldn’t use his. Mostly he doesn’t like to see me lick it after I’ve spread butter on my toast. Or a biscuit. Or some cornbread. It matters not to him that I then pour some Dawn dishwashing liquid all over the knife and run it under very hot water. He thinks I just do that when he’s there—observing my upsetting behavior. Nope. I do it every time. EVERY. TIME. Pinky swear, MSH.)

Anyway, growing up I loved butter. Real butter. On toast. On the homemade dinner rolls my mother made. Then the most horrid thing happened: Margarine. Flavorless. Annoying. NOT-REAL Butter Margarine. At that point, my mother would let us have the real butter on Sundays. For special occasions—when she made her mouth-watering crescent dinner rolls. (Heck—who am I kidding? We loved, loved, LOVED the canned bisquits and rolls. Even if they weren't Pillsbury. Store brands were okay, too. They were delicious enough for me. They still are, if I were to be quite honest.)

Then there came the ASTROCIOUSLY hideous tasting margarine/faux butter that was very low in cholesterol and fat and whatever else is so fabulously fabulous in the real thing. MSH had me buy several different kinds of those awful tubs over the years. We stopped about 18 years ago. None of them were worth the price you paid for them—which was quite a bit more, I’m thinking, than even buying real butter! Most ended up in our trash can. Not even half empty.

Land O’ Lakes. I adore them. I need them. I treasure them. I seriously should send them an email once a month and thank them for existing. They are THE BEST.

As you begin your new week—wherever in this world Y’all are—have some real butter! It’s good for your soul. (Maybe not your heart—but most definitely for your soul. Simply keep it in moderation. Everything in moderation is the key, right? Yep. You're welcome. From Dr. ELC.)

Buttery Smooches and Hugs,


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