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Friday, August 24, 2018

biscuit...and melanie...

Somehow it’s Friday! Sheesh.

Last week was hard. TLC and I didn’t expect it to be. Wednesday was going to be Little Leighton’s (aka LL aka Biscuit) first day of public school. Kindergarten. (With her birthday in late July, more than likely, she’ll be one of the oldest—if not the oldest—student in her class.) This was a decision TLC thought long and hard about. Because Biscuit is already an amazing reader! She’s smart, Y’all. She’s also got one of those “old souls.”

She was actually in a “real” kindergarten class last year. She semi-sort-of didn’t realize it. She might have thought she was in what is now called a “transitional” kindergarten class. For those kids who have late summer birthdays or whose parents want to told them back a year. It was from 9-2…four days a week. They didn’t go on Fridays. There were 17 in her class and her adorable teacher had a wonderful “aide.”

TLC and I believe her decision to hold LL back a year is going to be the right one. We’ve understood that, in terms of actual learning progress, all the kids should be at about the same learning/aptitude level by 3rd grade. Meantime, LL will enjoy being one of the oldest. We’re quite confident about this.

Anyway, Wednesday went well. TLC, Her Hubby and Baby Elle (aka Belle) all went with Biscuit to her class. The teacher was taking pictures of the kids with their parents/families. When TLC picked Biscuit up? She said it was a good day. She did, however, talk about how “long” the day was and shared that the school was really big. A tidbit scary to her.

On Thursday morning? Oh. My. MY. MY. Biscuit was NOT a Happy Camper. TLC shoved her out of her car door (TLC was actually and accidentally in the wrong drop-off lane—which was traumatic for everyone—but most especially for Biscuit.) and watched her precious oldest daughter turn around to look at her with utter fear. There didn’t seem to be any adult waiting for these children heading to the entrance/ big doors. TLC called me. Crying. The whole experience was upsetting to her. She then texted a good friend of hers whose 3rd out of four daughters is in LL’s class. Her friend told her LL looked alone, confused and upset in the Cafeteria—while the kids waited for their teachers to take them to their classes. Her daughter, too, was getting stressed.

Late morning, Biscuit’s teacher emailed TLC. Told her Biscuit was having a “very rough” day—but she and the counselor were doing everything they could to help her. When TLC picked her up that afternoon—Grammy and Belle in tow—Biscuit looked tired. Pale. Red-rimmed eyes. Not her happy, sweet, peppy self. TLC and I did everything we could to be upbeat—but in a lowkey way. We were fighting total devastation.

Within an hour of being home? Little Leighton was crying. Screaming. “I am NOT GOING BACK to school. I AM NOT. It’s too long of a day. I miss you, Mommy! I’M NOT GOING.”

Sigh. Although TLC and I were both extremely upset, we worked hard to continue to be upbeat and calm. On the outside. On the inside, our hearts were sad.

Friday was just as…well…awful. Maybe worse. Friday had the counselor, a PE coach and a couple of other teachers involved in Biscuit’s Ordeal.

The counselor and TLC talked on the phone for over 30 minutes that afternoon. She gave TLC some tips/suggestions. She assured TLC they were going to get LL through it. Might take a few weeks, but she’d be okay.

The weekend was iffy. A “Reward” Chart was made and discussed, at length, with LL. Was that the way to go? Biscuit needs incentives. We’ve all learned this. A snowcone. A froyo. A small treat from Target. The counselor had suggested TLC come up with some things Biscuit could look forward to while attempting to cope with her fears and, well, anger. Anger at being forced to go to this new school. From 7:45ish to 3:10ish. Five days a week. When she “really REALLY REALLY” missed her Mama.

Monday? A WHOLE NEW BISCUIT! There were a few tears in her eyes at the dropoff. The school was ready for her! Those tears were the last she had.


Will she have some future rought spots? Yes. Yes, she will. (Her Mama/TLC told me on the 4th day of 2nd grade, after breaking her arm at Recess on the 3rd day of school, she was NOT GOING BACK TO SCHOOL. EVER. That six weeks? NOT. FUN. For any of us. We all survived.) We feel confident LL will overcome any adversities she faces along her journey and will love school as much as I did—as much as her Mama did (Except for that six weeks in 2nd grade, the first part of TLC's 7th grade year and her Senior year. TLC got through all of those rough spots with FLYING COLORS. Mostly. Winky Wink.)

So my suggestion today for a special IG account to follow?


Y’all might remember I talked about Ms. Melanie in my June 6th post entitled “little moments.” I just finished her devotional book called “Everyday Holy” this morning! (I’m going to actually start over on September 4th—as per an IG post Melanie made this week.)

Y’all must trust moi:

She’s wise. Funny. Smart. She’s real. Honest. She’s one of my most favourites writers. Her faith inspires me.

Check her out!

Y’all have a Wonderful Weekend—wherever in this World Y’all are…don’t refuse to do something you really have no choice to refuse, ‘kay? You’ll get make it and be stronger. You will.

Friday Smooches and Hugs,


p.s.--LL's Beta fish, Nancy, who they've had for almost a year, was gone this past Wednesday afternoon. Discovered by TLC as she got dinner ready. Her Hubby snuck out of their house and went to two places to find a new one. TLC said...and she was right: "LL cannot lose Nancy. Not now. Not today. Not this week." Her Hubby found a male blue beta at the second place. The difference being that this male is bigger than Nancy and has a poofier tail. Of course. Sheesh. Her Hubby was skeptical this lie would work. LL never noticed New Nancy that evening. Not yesterday. This morning she walked by the tank and literally jumped in the air, screaming: Mom! Look at Nancy! She got bigger! Look at her tail! Tracey downplayed it with an Oscar-worthy performance by saying Nancy'd basically had a growth spurt.When this Nancy is gone? They'll help her process it. I approved. 100%.

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