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Wednesday, August 29, 2018

pecans...pecans...and more pecans!

Our last suggestion actually doesn’t have an IG account—yet. Should be coming…at some point. However, I want to share their website and encourage you to follow them on Facebook!

Nearly 40 years ago, my darling sister (3rd of the four of us kids—and the “middle” sister) and her husband, Timothy P, opened The Pecan Shed in Wichita Falls, Texas. Today, this is a family owned and operated pecan business with the CUTEST gift shop!  My sister, Mary V., who worked her you-know-what off for many, MANY years, helping to make this business the success it has become, retired. (She deserved retirement. Trust me.) Her daughter/my niece, JP, has run both the Wichita Falls’ store and their newer store located in Henrietta, Texas for several years. By The By: The Wichita Falls' store is perhaps the most "famous" of the two, but the Henrietta store is fast becoming quite The Talk-o'-Texas, with a Grill that serves the YUMMIEST food ever! I'm talkin' Slap-Your-Mama (seriously don't really go slap your mom...) DELISH, Y'ALL.) 

I like to tease that JP is the REAL BOSS, although her Dad and my handsome nephew, JW, her older brother who manages all of their pecan orchards, might want to take me to task on that statement. Winky Wink.

This is a picture of the Wichita Falls’ store (Yes. It was taken at Christmas! TLC’s most favourite time of the year—so works perfectly for our purposes, right?):

And this is a picture of the Henrietta store and gas station:

Again, t
he Pecan Shed website is:

When you have a bit of time, check it out! Read their story and see their FANTASTICALLY yummy products! I’m telling Y’all, they sell the best pecans in the State of Texas! Possibly the United States! I am seriously not exaggerating. Their pecans and fudge, etc., make the most awesome gifts. Especially around Thanksgiving and Christmas. Although—and this is IMP0RTANT—they’ll ship them all year! (Note: Shipping of agricultural products to different states and countries can vary. JP or her staff can tell you, when you call or email them, if there are any special requirements in the state for which you want to send said pecans, etc.)

JP has a Masters’ in Business (she graduated With Highest Honors!) and is an amazing Marketing/Branding Gal! She is a Buyer Extraordinaire. The gifts she has at both of their stores are SWEET/beautiful/charming/rustic/country chic/fun/FABULOUS. (TLC can testify, under oath, that JP has the cutest gals’ ballcaps in America.)

JP posts her gifts/products on their Facebook pages. (*Simply Search for The Pecan Shed in Wichita Falls, Texas and The Pecan Shed in Henrietta, Texas. Easy. Peasy.) As well as on the above website.

Their website will have more gifts as time goes on. Currently, if you see something you must have, give The Pecan Shed a call on their toll-free #:


By the way: JP is also a gifted writer. Check out her new book entitled:

It’s her journey through marriage, motherhood, divorce, single parenting and running their family business…while she builds her faith in Our Dear Lord God and His Son, Jesus Christ! (You can order her book from Amazon or from the store’s website!) JP writes with candor, wisdom, humor, creativity and charm. TLC, Little Leighton, Baby Elle, and I love, LOVE, LOVE Our JP and her precious daughter, my second oldest great-niece, Dotty.

We've come to the end of TLC’s and my adventure through Our Favourite Instagram Pages! Surely you’ve checked out one or two or seven by now? 

In a matter of days, My Sweet Hubby and I will be celebrating our 40th wedding anniversary! Forty. Four. Zero. 40. Which is crazy to me. TLC will be taking the month of September off while I entertain (or bore—whichever is most appropo…hopefully it’s the former and not the latter…) Y’all with posts about our life, marriage, communication, and the many things I’ve learned on my journey with this man I’ve loved, adored and cherished for over 41 years. It's been...real. WONDERFUL. Magical. Exceptional And extremely...real.

Thank you to each of Y’all who continue to read our blog! We’re grateful. Sincerely and deeply grateful.



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