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Thursday, August 2, 2018

i told you to!

Hey—it’s AUGUST. Cannot even believe it. But you know what this means, right? A month of TLC's and My Favourite Websites and Instagrams!
I have the extreme honor of sharing with y’all our first website/blog we both LOVE LOVE LOVE.

And the winner is…drumroll…

This is also her Instagram tag. Name? ID? Y’all know I am the most incompetent technology person in the State of Texas. Possibly on the Planet. I have no clue as to the correct lingo/language/stuff. So I don't know what you actually call an Instagram "name." Hers is sheaffertoldmeto.

TLC has known about Sheaffer for several years. In fact, when TLC lived in Frisco, she, Little Leighton (aka LL aka Biscuit) and I were at the Mall one day (LL was maybe 2?) when we saw Sheaffer and some friends having lunch (like us!) at the Food Court. (They did not, however, have to ride the Carousel several times.) TLC had been telling me about Sheaffer’s blog. I’m not certain if TLC was on Instagram at that point. I can’t quite remember. Anyway, I was encouraging TLC to go over and tell her how much she treasured her website. TLC was too shy. (And frightened I’d go over to Sheaffer—where I’d make a complete fool of myself. I didn't.)

Sheaffer has DEALS. Like...GOOD Deals. She partners with many businesses. Large and small. Nordstrom being perhaps the BIGGEST retailer. But she has lots of medium and small businesses she writes about, too. She takes the CUTEST selfies in the MOST AWESOME clothes that she’s featuring—especially when they’re on sale or she has a “code” you can use for a discount. She also shares shoes, boots, purses and jewelry. (She has a PRETTY sister that is her model sometimes. For business/work/professional attire and accessories.) I honestly don’t know why Sheaffer hasn’t been featured on a Dallas/Ft. Worth TV show. Or why she doesn't have her own show. She is that adorable.

The other thing I truly love (because, frankly, at 64, most of the fashion she showcases would not work for me…as a Senior Citizen…just keepin’ it real…) are her weekly posts about The Bachelor and The Bachelorette seasons. (One of her good friends is Sean’s sister—so she has that connection to these shows.) I cannot wait for her thoughts each week and am getting extra excited about her blogs on the upcoming Bachelor in Paradise season! My oh my. This summer's starts soon--maybe next week? It looks like the cRaZiEsT season yet. 

Sheaffer. Is. HYSTERICAL. I’m not even jokin’, Y’all. Every time there is a new season, I threaten to skip watching the actual shows and just read her blogs on them. They are fancy, now. This gal DOES know technology. Like she's a genius to me. She has lots o’ pictures. I could literally ditch the actual time I spend watching the shows and getting bored/frustrated/disgusted/angry (mostly at myself for wasting my valuable “retirement” time—teeheehee!) and simply read her weekly updates. They ROCK.

She's not only smart and really beautiful...she is creative and clever and FUNNY. Very funny. 
From her Instagram:
"I'm a wife, mom, and accidental fashion blogger. I have a passion for sharing things I love with others!"
What she shares? It is all MARVELOUS. FANTASTIC. Chic. Affordable. Trendy. Classic.

Y’all must check her out. If you like fashion/shopping/browsing/dreaming and if you have a few extra bucks here and there to order the wonderful products she promotes OR if you love a funny recap of the useless-yet-fascinating Bachelor/Bachelorette shows, you will treasure Sheaffer as much as we do. Trust us.

It’s Friday Jr! Hope Y’all have a Wonderful Weekend—Wherever in this World Y’all are!

(TLC is up next! She follows GOOD peeps and businesses on IG. She excels in this. It's apparently a gift she got from me. Hahaha.)



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