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Thursday, June 16, 2011

She's Got Your Number, Babe-y!

About nine months ago (already you’re wondering where I’m going with this), I was headed, on a hot, Texas, September Thursday afternoon, to TLC’s hacienda. I was in traffic in Arlington when I heard her—Glynis McCants. I was flipping around on my satellite radio and had landed on Oprah’s station. It was Dr. Laura Berman’s talk show and she had Glynis on the line. Glynis was going over the doctor’s “numbers." And so began a new interest, okay, obsession, for me. Like I needed another one. They talked about her book, Glynis Has Your Number--Discover What Life Has in Store for You Through the Power of Numerology.  For almost an hour, I listened with a concentration so powerful I breezed through Traffic Hell with unusual calm. Before I could blink, I was at TLC’s front door with a story to tell.

TLC, Lauren and I were headed to Austin early the next day—for a two-day shopping trip. We were staying at a new Westin hotel near the Domain—an outside mall (it has fantastically fun stores with some high-end retail shops like Tiffany’s and Neiman’s—it’s a fresh, tres chic area—very Texas hill-country-ish). When we arrived, we knew we were going to have a memorable time. It was awesome! The hotel service we loved the most (we'd gotten a great deal on a weekend “package”) was being able to have a bellman/valet peep run us over to the shops in a golf cart! It helped save our energy for important walking and exertion. Priorities.

As we waited for a table that Friday night at Gloria’s (a yummo Mexican restaurant), I stepped into Borders to find Glynis’ book. BINGO. For the rest of the weekend I apparently drove TLC and Lauren cRaZy. I couldn’t put the book down. On both Saturday and Sunday mornings, I awoke at my usual ungodly early hour. I quietly read my new book—and took notes—to share with my girls as soon as they woke up. Evidently I got a tad obnoxious, because I was banned from bringing Numerology up the entire trip back home.

I’ll admit: I’m intrigued by ancient philosophies and wisdom. Astrology? Love it. Especially Linda Goodman’s Sun Signs. I’ve owned that for thirty-five years. If you’ve never read it, you should. Although I’ve not had acupuncture, I’ve had many friends who have and I’ve often considered trying it. Reflexology? Fascinating.

Glynis tells us Numerology goes back to Pythagorus’ Number System. That was 2500 years ago, folks! She has studied and researched Numerology for twenty five years. She believes you can take control of your life through the power of your numbers—by learning to recognize your strengths, overcome weaknesses, and change your life for the better.

She focuses on our five Primary Numbers—plus a sixth “Attitude Number.” The numbers are derived from your name and your date of birth. The Primary Numbers are your Soul Number, Personality Number, Power Name Number, Birth Day Number, and Life Path Number (she says this is the “most significant vibration… and is the number you must act upon in order to be truly happy”).

Here are some examples of some of my friends’ and family members’ Life Path Numbers:

I’m a “6” Life Path. This is The Nurturer. Hubby is a “4” Life Path—he is The Teacher. We have “compatible” numbers. Luckily. Taylor is also a 4. Her Hubby is a “2”—The Mediator. They are a “match”—which is super-duper good! TLC and Hubby are both “5” Life Paths—The Adventurer. They are also a “match.” I’m certain her Hubby was relieved to learn this. Sunny is a “3”—The Communicator. Jackie is also a “5.”

When you read about your Life Path Number, I think you’ll be amazed. Not everything about that number will totally fit you, but Glynis explains that could be because of your other five numbers and their interaction/correlation with your Life Path number.

Glynis has been on many television shows, has her own radio show, and has a wonderful website— For Christmas, I got TLC and myself one of her Numerology Calendars for 2011. It’s specific to our Life Path numbers and lets us know what should be our best days—and what could be our “challenge” days.

This is how I feel (for what it’s worth): I see the advantage of combining and inter-relating all areas of philosophy and sciences into my Christian background and faith and my core belief system. I find interest and value in different thoughts and ideas. What I try to do is allow myself to be open to all possibilities out there in our World. I constantly seek help to cope, accept, and change. God and Jesus Christ come first in my life. Everything else is like added spices and flavors, making my understanding and experiences deeper, richer, more fulfilling—and, yes, positive and fun.

I think Glynis ROCKS. Check her out. I have a feeling you’ll be intrigued, too!

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