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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Two Crazy Cats, a Snowman, and a Pink Foam Crown

ELC and I seem to take lots o' pictures with our cellphones. In fact, I think my iPhone takes fantastic photos. I have several fun apps to quickly "edit" them. ELC will be getting an iPhone in November. Until then she has a cheapy that still takes better pics than my Dad's Blackberry! Seriously. Blackberry needs to upgrade their camera. Stat. Last night, I found myself scrolling through some old pictures on my phone. I couldn't resist sharing. Of course they're completely random. I hope you don't mind obliging me.

This was taken on a "Girls' Only Float Trip" to Gruene three summers ago. My aunt made this lovely, pink, bedazzled “foam crown” for moi. Y'all know I aspire to be Princess of the USA. Of course this prompted many (sloshed/drunky/tooted) river floaters to ask if it was my birthday. It wasn't. But I totally went with it. It was, after all, basically my 1/2 birthday. Now that I think about it, I should probably celebrate that every year. No? Shouldn't we all? What a great excuse for cupcakes!

It's already HOT in Texas. Not a sassy "hott." More like a sticky, humid, gross hot. Summer and I just don't jive. I don't like to perspire. This cute little snowdude made me smile. Oh! How I long for the days of winter! (We, BTW, don't tend to get a lot of ice or snow around these here parts, so when it happens, it's quite exciting.) Hubby, ELC and I built him two Christmases ago. Notice the peppermint Hershey Kisses we used for his mouth. We may or may not have consumed them after this photo was taken. Actually, upon closer examination, a Kiss is totally missing from his (albeit creepy) smile. Honestly, now I think he’s pretty sCaRy lookin’. Yowza. I hope y’all don’t have nightmares.

This past Christmas, Hubs and I went with Lauren and her Hubby to the ICE exhibit at the Gaylord Texan in Grapevine. The theme was "Charlie Brown." It was a blast! You had to wear big parkas to walk through it. And they had a ginormous ice slide. I was pumped! I waited patiently in line only for them to tell me I couldn't go down because of my high-heeled boots. (I might suggest that next year they make a sign letting peeps know this pertinent info before they make the trek up.)  I was forced to take the "walk of shame" back down a gazillion steps while Hubby had all the fun. I'll bet people thought I got frightened once I got to the top. I sooo did not. LOL.

ELC says Cobbler looks "pensive" in this photo. I had to look that one up. Not sure about that, but isn't he a cutie-patootie?

I couldn't leave Morty out of this post. He's tres sensitive. Well, no, not really. He does get jealous, though, of Cobbler. And he's WILD. Apparently he's not afraid of heights. ELC took this one with her cheapy phone. His new favorite spot to overlook his "kingdom" is at the top of Dad's pergola.

I'm wild, too. Like Morty. And adventurous. Just call me "Maverick," if you don't mind. Hubby took me on a helicopter tour of Maui when we were there for our honeymoon last year. (I guess "Top Gun Tom Cruise" was technically a jet fighter pilot. Oh, well. You can sort of appreciate where I was going with the clever reference, right?) It was incredible. That particular heli we were in had ZERO doors. I chose to withhold this info from ELC until AFTER we had landed safely. The Worrier might have had a full-blown panic attack had she known. Heck, I knew we were safe when I saw that our pilot was a woman. GIRL POWER.

This now concludes today’s installment of “Random Photos in TLC’s Phone.”  I hope you’ve enjoyed the ride. Stay tuned. I’ll be back later this weekend to share a few of my new favorite recipes. Let the anticipation ensue!

Au revoir until then.


The Leightons said...


First, thanks for the picture of moi! You have two--the cats each have one--a weird snowman and Charlie Brown are all there. Where am I? I have zilch. Nice.

Second, what is that yellow-y thing on the front of your "flight" suit? A fanny pack? Bag to get sick in? What? Classy!!!


The Leightons said...

Looking at it closer, is that an owl on that yellow fanny pack?

Interesting . . .


The Leightons said...

ELC --

Ha! Ha! You're a funny Mama. That is most definitely not a fanny pack. I think it was my lifejacket.

It DOES look like an owl, though. Who knew?!

Hubby just asked me if I was wearing a "mask" in my "Top Gun-esque" photo. Maybe my sunglasses are a smidge big. Oh well. The bigger the sunglasses -- the better. Right?!



The Leightons said...

Yes, of course, the bigger the better. And, as we all know, the same rule applies to hair. Always.


Autumn said...

I do so love witty repartee! And you girls have got it down. Love reading you. Thanks for the entertainment.

The Leightons said...

Thank you ever so much for appreciating our "witty repartee!" Our Hubbies can do without it most of the time, apparently. And thank you for your ever sweet words of encouragement. It means the world to both of us.