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Saturday, June 25, 2011

TLC's Tete-a-Tetes

It’s my turn!

I LOVE lunch.  I love lunch dates.  I love lunch breaks.  I love Ladies Who Lunch.  Lunch, for moi, tends to be a bit casual and spontaneous. I’d love it to be more “girlie.”  So, in keeping with a feminine “theme,” I’d invite the following women over to my casa for a well-planned, perfectly lovely lunch:

Reese Witherspoon.  My all-time, most favorite actress.  She’s cute.  She’s sweet.  She’s classy.  She’s Southern.  All adds up to wonderful!  I’d enjoy listening to her talk about her adorable children, new hubby and the details of her very chic wedding.  We’d probably discuss monogrammed towels, peonies, and ruffles.  And I would definitely ask her to give me the scoop on what kind of kisser my dear Rob Pattinson is—surely he must be splendid. I actually think I might serve more of a brunch-y menu.  I heart brunch.  I’d serve poinsettias—even if it’s not Christmas-time—(they’re champagne and cranberry juice), homemade orange rolls, a big bowl of seasonal fruit, and a simple quiche.  Perhaps my favorite:  Quiche Florentine.  Yummy.

Taylor Swift.  A truly All-American kind of gal.  One of my favorite singers.  I’d request that she bring along her guitar.  Like Mom and Garth, I want to sing a duet!  I’m thinking her new song about that hunky Taylor Lautner might be fun.  I practice singing it in my car quite frequently.  I’d want to know what it’s like to travel all over the world.  And what she was thinking when she dated one of those silly Jonas brothers.  I didn’t get that at all.  I’m certain I’d be star-struck.  I covet her gorgeous hair, pretty voice, and tiny figure.  I think I might serve good ol’ cheeseburgers and tater tots (I’d name them “Taylor Tots!” Ha!).  Very Americana.  For dessert?  An apple cobbler. I’d just modify my peach cobbler recipe I shared a couple of weeks ago.

Ellen DeGeneres.  One of the funniest peeps, ever, right?  Our lunch would be filled with laughter.  I might even agree to play one of those silly games they play on her show.  I’d make certain I had fun music in the background, in case she felt compelled to get up and dance.  She can sure boogie with the best of ‘em.  Our lunch just might turn into a dance party!  I do think she’s a vegan, though.  Which might be a challenge for my menu.  Can vegans eat rice?  If so, I’d serve a modified version of LuLu’s Chicken Salad, leaving out the chicken.  Dessert could be a dilemma.  I can’t let her leave my house without it (even though I apparently let that happen to Reese—oops!).  Maybe Sprinkles makes a vegan cupcake I could pick up.  I, of course, would make certain I had one of their scrumptious coconut cupcakes for myself.

Paula Deen.  My cooking/chef idol.  She’s sassy.  She’s entertaining.  She appreciates the importance of big hair and butter.  My kind of gal.  I accompanied ELC and Dad on a trip to Savannah about five years ago.  One morning, Mom and I did the “Paula Deen Tour.”  It was too fun.  We visited some of Paula’s favorite places and even had lunch at her brother’s restaurant:  Uncle Bubba’s.  Cooking for Paula would be tres intimidating. Without a doubt!  I’d be super nervous preparing her meal.  I think shrimp and grits might be nice.  Fairly easy.  Maybe a pretty green salad with lots o’ brightly colored veggies, some feta or goat cheese crumbles, and walnuts and/or sunflower seeds, tossed with one of our favorite dressings—Marie’s Santa Fe Blend.  For dessert, I’d serve my Crack Brownies, since it’s basically her recipe I slightly modified. It’d be a la mode—using Blue Bell Vanilla Bean Ice Cream.  Okay—and let’s toss a few Heath toffee bits on top—for good measure. Why not? DELISH.

Princess Kate.  She is living the dream, isn’t she?  She’s married to a handsome and kind (well, he appears to be) Prince.  She can live in a castle.  She gets to wear fabulous clothes.  She had a televised wedding in which she wore an incredible tiara.  She spends much of her time focusing on philanthropies.  And she honeymooned in the Seychelles.  WOWZER.  I’m sure she would help me practice my wave.   (I’d be dying to get the buzz on what she thinks of Camilla!) Kate could bring her fabulous sister, Pippa. Doesn’t Pippa have a delightfully charming/memorable name?  I adore it.  I’d serve English tea – in pretty tea cups.  Salmon canapés.  Perhaps cucumber sandwiches and a lemon tart or soufflé (Oh—and BTW—I’ll have to learn how to make both of those!).  Is that all too cliché?

Here’s a grand idea, ELC:

Let’s make it a Dinner Party—have Dad cater it (i.e.—do all the work while we bask in lots of glory)—and ask each of our guests to invite a spouse/mate/friend/family member/the Paparrazi. We’ll all eat, sing and dance—but you and I can have our own individual duets with Garth and Taylor. Everyone will clap loudly for us, giving us a standing ovation, and ask each other why I haven’t won American Idol and you haven’t won America’s Got Talent. We’ll end the evening with you singing The Star Spangled Banner.

Got to scoot—time to look up soufflé techniques!

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