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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Oh, Henry!

Hubby and I have added to our family!

Meet Henry.

Henry at 5 weeks

Henry is a yellow Labrador.  I call him "platinum blonde."  Hubs isn't a fan of that description.  Apparently that's not "manly enough."  He is (nearly) 10-weeks old.  And truly the apple of my eye.  He is such a treat.  He's smart, spunky, sweet, loving, loyal, cuddly, curious, fuzzy, handsome, and generally a WILD MAN.  I swear his eyes can look right into our souls.

His favorite toys are his teddy bear (which he uses as a pillow), squeaky ball, and mallard duck.  Though he does also have quite the affinity for Ellie, the elephant, Grammy ELC bought him.  He likes watching Breaking Bad with us.  (Please don't judge our parenting skills.  We're certain he doesn't understand what's really going on in this ba-na-nas show.)  And is slowly learning how to walk on a leash.  Plus, he can already "sit" on command.  WOWZER.  He's clearly the most genius dog EVER.

We've had very, and by "very" I mean VERY, little sleep, but we wouldn't trade one second with this little boy.  We adore him.

Now, visualize me pulling out my "virtual wallet" and showing you oodles of pictures of this Puppy Prince.  I'm a proud Mamasita.


The Leightons said...

Awww... look at that Precious Pup! A Grammy and Pa-Dad couldn't be prouder! Altough we'd rather hear he's watching Sesame Street, please.


Autumn said...

Henry is adorable! Or handsome, if dad prefers. What a sweetie. I know you're having fun while you're missing sleep. Oh, and I know someone who could make a scrapbook for you with all the photos you're taking!

The Leightons said...

Thank you, Autumn and Grammy ELC! You are both SO sweet. We think we'll keep him.

Autumn -- a scrapbook of my puppy?! How fun and fabulous would that be?! I LOVE that idea. I'll need details for sure.