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Thursday, July 28, 2011

A Yeehaw for Y'all!

Oh, how I’ve been lookin’ forward to telling y’all about DixieBelle Gifts!

I first became acquainted with this company about two years ago, when Lovely Lauren gave me the cutest clay flowerpot—reddish and distressed—with our last name hand-painted on it. It was one of the most unique presents I’d received in a long, long time!

Once TLC saw mine, she had to have one, too. Duh. She ordered her “name” flowerpot in Sunny Yellow—also distressed. And picked it up—to save shipping costs. (If you live in the Dallas area, you can arrange to do this—the website explains this option.)

This past Easter, one of our four daughters-in-law noticed my flowerpot sitting on the counter of our outdoor kitchen-arbor area. I guess she’d somehow missed it before then. She was impressed and I knew, at that very moment, I must purchase all four girls one of their very own.

I started with hers and got her a yellow one—like TLC’s. I knew one of the girls loved the color black (not distressed)—so that was what she received. The third got the Brick Red—like mine—and the fourth received the Sage Green (also distressed). All four daughters-in-law live in Houston—so I paid shipping for each pot. Believe me when I say, it was well worth the money. All arrived at their destinations in positively perfect perfectness.

BTW: You can also have your house number painted on the pot! How magnificent is that for your front porch, front yard, or front garden? AND--the website gives you tips on where and how the colors of the pots might work best! Awesome.

Jenny, the owner of DixieBelle Gifts, keeps you informed about your order with email updates. Each of the daughters emailed me when her flowerpot arrived, but Jenny had kept me posted once she’d shipped them.

Jenny has an interesting story about her company and unique products—and there are lots more items to look at on her darling website. She’s quite the “artist”—you’ll see her talent as soon as you click on the link below! Her website is very easy to navigate and full of great ideas. Her blog is charming and tres entertaining! She shares some of her favorite products from other websites. How sweet is that?

TLC and I are grateful Lauren introduced us to such a special and fantastic gift/company! We’ll be ordering more, soon! What memorable, useful and charming birthday, Christmas, Mom’s Day (why not even Dad’s Day?), teachers’, Valentine’s Day and anniversary gifts these make. They’re not just for gardeners—they’re for anyone who wants to “spiff” up their front porches, backyards, and pool areas. Heck, why not display one inside your home with some ivy—on your fireplace? Or how about your tub? Tres cute!

Visit Jenny’s website:! It’s FABULOUS!!!

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Autumn said...

Ooooooh, how cute is that? You can never have too many flowerpots. Though, most of mine are empty because this awful Texas heat has killed the foliage. Guess we'll have to find other items to fill our pots - rocks, shells, pieces of driftwood. I can see a new column for you here! Brainstorm, Leightons!