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Sunday, July 17, 2011

A Yummy For Y'all

Husband and I drove to Rockport via Interstate 35 last weekend to meet ELC and Dad for a couple o’ days o’ fun and fishin’. As we got closer to West (the town), Texas, Hubby decided he had a hankerin' for the famous Czech Stop Kolaches. While I had previously heard of their fabulousness, I, myself, had never sampled one. (I would surely remember.) Of course my first opportunity to try one would be when I'm right smack-dab in the middle of the DANG Dukan Diet. And could only enjoy their fountain Diet Coke. Wa-freaking-hoo.

picture of my Diet Coke
I’m not bitter.

My dear husband had the NERVE to get not one, but TWO blueberry and cream cheese kolaches. AND one sausage and cheese kolache. I glared at him while he devoured every last morsel.

Fine. I confess:  I did cheat and have the teensiest bite of a blueberry kolache. It was light. Fluffy. Creamy. Tart. Tangy. Sweet. DIVINE. I then promptly, yet innocently, suggested we come back this way in the Fall under the guise of attending a Baylor football game. Hubby is an alum. Yah, right. You and I both know the real reason:  I want my OWN kolache. (I think, however, he bought it!) I'll be free from the shackles of these first two phases of the Dukan by then. In fact, I may need to put ON some pounds at that point. I could be too thin, right? I've already decided I’ll get one with cherry and cream cheese. I did notice, though, they have a pumpkin kolache, and I've been thinking today that might be nice in November. Fall is my most favourite (fancy spelling) time of the year – well, right after Christmas! Wow. Such a tough decision. And I only have four months to make it. Yikes.

I'm literally starting a countdown on my phone so I'll know EXACTLY how many days until I can swoon over those babies again.

BTW:  After sampling that incredible bite of HEAVEN, I immediately texted ELC and demanded to know why she had deprived me of these kolaches during my childhood/adolescence. She (albeit reluctantly) told me our dear Autumn used to bring back lots o' kolaches to friends after a visit to her hometown. Hmmm. Really, ELC? I don’t seem to recall those kolaches. What did you do with them? Eat them in the car on the way to our house? Depriving your innocent, sweet, precious little angel daughter AND deserving husband of The Unmitigated Joy of Kolaches? Seriously? Well, shame. Shame, I say. Shame on you. I’m totally disappointed and not sure I’ll forgive you anytime soon.

As I type this, I’m reminded of just how much I wish I'd taken a significantly larger bite of that kolache. Dadgummit.

Visit West, Texas! Have their AMAZING kolaches! Don't have regrets. Like moi!


The Leightons said...


I will be forever sorry you don't remember Autumn's kindness in sharing the kolaches she brought from her visits home. I am fairly certain I shared. I just think your memory is fuzzy.

You simply must get over it and move on. Dr. Dukan would be very disappointed.




Autumn said...

Mmmmm, kolaches. I am so fortunate to have been brought up in this Czech town, full of cultural deliciousness. And, TLC, look at it this way - (since you don't remember feasting on them as a child) you now have the opportunity to discover each yummy variety on every trip down I-35. What pleasure awaits!

The Leightons said...

You are SO right, Autumn! I just started "phase three" of the Dukan today. I think I'll just need to count a kolache schmorgesborg as one of my celebration meals so I can taste at least five, no SEVEN, varieties. Seven is totally a good and reasonable number. Right? I think Dr. Dukan would understand.