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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Fredericksburg, Texas

Due to an unexpected change in circumstances two weeks ago, Mom and I had an opportunity to spend a Mother/Daughter Weekend in Fredericksburg, Texas. We realized it’d been quite some time since we’d gotten “away” together—just the two of us. In fact, the last adventure could have been a trip we made to St. Thomas five years ago!

If you’ve never been to (or heard of) Fredericksburg, it’s a charming and historic little Texas Hill Country town, with German heritage, conveniently located near Austin and San Antonio. It’s known for its “Sunday Houses.” In the early pioneer days, ranchers would come, from miles and miles away, in wagons and on horses, to town on Saturdays, with their families. They’d want to be able to stay for church on Sunday, so they’d build small-ish houses in order to do this.

Some of the houses that can be “rented” for a night, weekend or longer, are these “original” homes. Many are on historic “registers”—either national or Texas registers. They’ve been restored, of course—authentically. Other little cottages or even large homes that can accommodate lots o’ peeps have been built more recently. Most are right in town and within walking distance of the FUN Fredericksburg shops and restaurants. A few are places you can rent if you’d like to be “out in the country.” Mom, Dad and I (and friends—like our sweethearts, Sunny and Nelly—who've joined us for a memorable Girls’ Only Weekend in the past) have been coming and renting out different homes for at least twelve years.

At the risk of making this seem as though our blog has become a Travel Diary, I’d love to share our wonderful experience!

While in Fredericksburg, we stayed at the most delightful little house called “Second Home.”  Mom and I agreed this is probably our most favourite—ever. Out of about the eight we’ve rented in the past. Doesn’t it look like a precious gingerbread house?

Here we are modeling our Piggy PJ’s on the front porch!

We also ate like Royalty. Seriously.  If you visit Fredericksburg, you must try to stop at these extraordinary places:

Fredericksburg Herb Farm.  We had dinner here on Friday night.  It was positively scrumptious.  Their focaccia bread will knock your socks off.  They also have a Spa on the premises and several little cottages that can be rented.  They look adorable.  We would highly recommend this place for an extra special dinner and hope we can try out the rest of their amenities soon!

Fredericksburg Pie Company.  Three words:  Coconut Cream Pie.  HEAVENLY!  Y’all, their selection is phenomenal.  We were major bummed they’d run out of the Chocolate Ancho Pie when we stopped in after lunch on Saturday. Lesson learned—GO EARLY. I can only imagine how amazing a piece (or two or three) of that would have been.  They also have a sweet little shop with great goodies/tcotchzes to tempt you.

The Peach Tree.  We had lunch at this famous tea room on Saturday. We had a super-duper hard time trying to decide what to order—everything looked superb. (Suggestions: make reservations! We didn’t, but got lucky.) They have two wonderful gift shops you should take time to browse, too! 

The Auslander.  You cannot make a trip to Fredericksburg without sampling some of their authentic and tasty German fare.  Wienerschnitzel, in particular. Wow. The Auslander is a great “biergarten” to satisfy all kinds o’ cravings.

The Old German Bakery.  We stopped here Sunday morn, on our way home, and decided to split one of their cheese and sausage rolls.  It was  wickedly exquisite. Truly.  Although we only got one—because that looked to be a generous enough portion for two (or so ELC, aka Semi-Annoying Dukan Girl, suggested)—I immediately wished I’d ordered one all to myself.  It was that fabulous.

We always try to make sure we enjoy fantastic food from The Old German Bakery, The Auslander and The Peach Tree when we’re in town.

We’ve made it official: We intend to reinstate Mother/Daughter Trips ASAP.  Fredericksburg holds a special place in our hearts.  We can’t wait to plan our next getaway!

P.S.  Can you find ELC in this picture?  Tee hee hee.  This was a ginormous nutcracker display in a park on Main Street.


Unknown said...

Simply adore your mother/daughter photo opp! You two are looking simply relaxed and uber-comfy in your owl jammies! I must hit up Fredericksburg at some point in my life. It looks darling!

The Leightons said...

Merci, merci, Kacy! We had a Gigglefest Blast doing the picture. Two calls to Hubby to figure out how to work the tripod. Three little visiting kittens--from the house next door, we think--that wanted to join us. We couldn't get the picture taken fast enough before they skittered off. And only about 12 takes to find a couple of shots we could both approve! The CUTEST aspects of our pictures? PIGGY PJS.

I also wanted to mention we always use Gastehaus Schmidt Reservation Services to help us book our Sunday Houses. They have a fantastic website and toll-free number: 866-427-8374.

Everyone who has never been to Fredericksburg should go! (Maybe not in July or August--that would be tres steamy strollin' the shops and sidewalks.)The roads around the Hill Country in late March and early April are FULL of fields and fields of Texas Bluebonnets! They're sometimes EVERYWHERE (depends on how much rain we've had in the Fall, I think). Simply breathtaking!

We heart Kacy! Woo Hoo!


The Leightons said...


Vocal Majority is an AWESOME all-male singing group from Dallas. They've been around for many,many years. TLC does like them--she simply refuses to admit it.

They are AMAZING. Period. End of Story.