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Saturday, March 17, 2012

A Baby Yeehaw!

I’m so very lucky to be the step-grandmother of six beautiful grandchildren! Three of my husband’s four sons (I’ve been their Stepmom for almost thirty-four years) have kindly shared their fabulous kids with me, beginning thirteen years ago . TLC became an Auntie at age 15—a role she has truly treasured.

But now, as y’all have heard, our “baby” is having her first baby—a Little Leighton! Sometimes we still can’t quite believe it.

Three weeks ago, TLC and I met Taylor for lunch in Granbury—perhaps The Greatest Little Courthouse Square/Lake Town in Texas! I introduced Taylor to y’all last year in another “Yeehaw”—April 3, 2011. She’s quite a beautiful, accomplished, and charming young woman. Great wife, Mom (Baby Boy Two is due any minute!), and a dear friend—to both of us LCs.

She gave me, for an early birthday gift, the most delightful book—one I have no doubt you’ll want to order and give to a friend or family member as soon as you hear all about it.

The authors, Andy and Susan Hilford, call this book “the other baby book. It’s not about your grandchild, it’s about you—but it’s for your grandchild.” You put together “the story of you—the thoughts, moments, events, images, ideas, and, yup, even some of those ‘What was I thinking?’ moments, ones that add, um, depth to your story.”

Some of the beautifully illustrated pages have these titles:

Here goes . . . These two pages have, among other things, your name, birth date and place, historical events happening that year, what you weighed, your siblings, and how your family ended up in the United States.

When I was young (waaaay back when) These two pages have details about the home you grew up in, your family car, favorite treat, family pet, where your family vacationed, your favorite subjects in school, and the activities you were involved in, etc.

Postadolescence wasn’t any easier back then These two pages are all about your high school years.

Yikes! Work . . . These pages are about your first full-time job.

Grandmother’s hall of fame These two include your favorite movies, television shows, bands and songs, books, foods, and things to do, among many other fascinating favs.

(Several pages involve your courtship, engagement, wedding and life with your husband.)

Grandfather Studmuffin These pages are all about hubby—the thing you love most about him, his cutest feature, how he makes you laugh, and his nickname for you, among lots o' other sillies.

There are pages about your child having this child.

Finally, a grandchild! These two pages are about THE Baby—his or her birth, who you thought he or she looked like, a characteristic you think you share with this child, etc.

Whoooweee, I’m going to spoil you silly (for pictures of you and your grandchild)

The last page is:

Oh, and. . . This is a page for “A Few More Thoughts from a Very Proud Grandmother”

I cannot imagine a more meaningful, significant, important, special gift to any first or twentieth-time grandmother.

Merci! Grazie! THANK YOU, Taylor!!! From the bottom of my heart. I’ll cherish this gift from you, always—and, I have no doubt, so shall Little Baby Girl Leighton!

Yeehaw, Y’all! Weekend HUGS from Grammy ELC


Patti said...

This is a great idea. I am heavily into genealogy, and I can't tell you how wonderful it would be to find journals like that from my grandparents and great-grandparents. I think sharing our stories with our descendents is essential, and this book makes it easy to do that.


The Leightons said...

Isn't it wonderful, Patti? Ooohhhhh, how right you are. I would have loved to have found something like this from my grandparents or great-grandparents. I was lucky enough to know my Nana--mother's mother--very, very well. She was my Savior, in fact. But there are alot of things I never knew about her. And such a great gift to someone.

Thank you for visiting and commenting, Sweet Patti!

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