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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

L is for...

Little Leighton!

We found out on Monday that Baby C is a beautiful baby GIRL!

We are beyond thrilled. Completely over the moon. ELC came to the sonogram with us and got to see Sweet Little Leighton moving her perfect little mouth. It looked like she was talking! (At which point we exclaimed:  She's SO a Leighton!)

As soon as we left the doctor's office, we immediately purchased several LARGE bows. Yes, I'm going to be that Mama that puts her daughter in bows bigger than her head. The bigger the bow, the better! (Kind of like, in Texas, the bigger the hair…)

We couldn't wait to share this wonderful news with y'all! Here's to lots of pink ruffles and tulle and frilly frills in our (near) future!


Patti said...

Oh, how totally exciting!

My firstborn is a girl as well. Exactly how I hoped it would be!


Anonymous said...

Wonderful news! I am glad we are finally hearing the news. I guess Grammy was so excited she forgot to text Monday night. Bridge club was waiting to hear all night!!!
Congratulations to all of you!


The Leightons said...

To Ms. Patti:

Thank you ever so much! You and I both have wonderful memories of having a baby girl, don't we? It would be impossible to imagine our lives without them. CeeCee, too, has a firstborn daughter that was and is such a blessing. Aren't we all divinely lucky?

To Ms. CeeCee:

OMGosh and YIKES. I am appalled that I flat forgot My Precious Bridge Club Friends. I need to be FIRED. But it's mostly TLC's fault, you know. Or that's who I plan to blame--at this point in time. I am deeply sorry.

TLC and I love you and appreciate your friendship and thoughtfulness!

Little Itty Bitty Baby Smooches,