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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A Weekend With Little Leighton and Friends

So Grammy ELC/Leighton got up early (—CST—sheesh—basically in the dark) this past Saturday morn and headed to TLC’s casa. For a visit with Little Mama TLC and Little Leighton.

Upon Grammy’s arrival, The Girls waved goodbye to The Boys (TLC’s Hubby and Henry) at the back door (the SUV was packed and ready to pick up Lauren’s Hubby for Fishin’/Guy Stuff at the family’s lakehouse) and greeted January and her Mom, Lillie, at the front door. We’d planned a trip to a nearby fabric store and then lunch in McKinney. Lillie is gifting Little Mama a fabulously handmade/exquisite/unique rug for Little Leighton’s nursery! We started our search at JoAnn’s. Lillie advised she would need six coordinating fabrics. Little Mama found the perfect choices in creams, pale blues and pretty greens. YUMMIES. Little Mama’s excitement (and deep gratitude) was contagious!

Little Mama and Little Leighton (do you see the bump?) lookin' at all of the lovely fabrics!

We then headed to McKinney for lunch at Spoons (oooo-la-la, y’all—DELISH!) Next stop? A visit to the most charming-est (this is to a word, Sillies) babies’/children’s store called Gigglebrush. Grammy and Little Mama had ordered a glider and bedding from them a few weeks ago. January and Lillie were intrigued. The McKinney Square, where Spoons and Gigglebrush are located, is crowded with devine little shops to leisurely browse. Since Little Mama needed to get her feet up, we vowed to make another trip, soon. We moseyed on back to Little Mama’s house for some water, more chatting and lots o’ laughs. The time with January and Lillie is now a precious memory!

We had the pleasure of looking forward to a much-needed get-together with Lauren. Grammy Leighton had not seen her in ages and ages. We picked her up for an early-ish dinner at one of our favourite restaurants—Mi Cocina’s. But, first things first: Auntie Lauren had a special gift for Little Leighton!

Her first pair of shoes! From NORDSTROM.

We spent quite a few minutes saying: AAAWWWWWW. OOOHHHHHH. Wow! Absolutely ADORABLE. (Do y’all think these, in a Size 9 for Grammy, would lose their cuteness factor?)

At the restaurant, Grammy and Lauren might have had a Pinot Grigio and Sangria, respectively, while Little Mama had…yep…water. With lemon. She seems to be getting a bit tired of her limited liquid choices. Grammy ELC believes within thirty minutes of delivering Little Leighton, Little Mama TLC will be asking ELC to make a fast dash to the nearest Sonic for a DVC (Diet Vanilla Coke, of course).

The three of us gals took our time dining and catching up. We then begged Lauren to come back with us to Little Mama’s home, so she could see the nursery. Okay, there’s actually not all that much to see—at this point. We made her visualize The Plan. She was, as always, beyond enthusiastic—and patient. You might be able to imagine, by now, how The Leighton Gals could be overwhelming. Occasionally. Yet very unintentionally. Being the classy young lady she always is, Lauren never stops smiling. Never complains. She’s an incredible friend. We (finally) took her home and headed back to TLC’s for Dreamland. Didn’t take any of The Pooped Leighton Gals long to reach their ZZZZZZZZZZZssssss.

Bright and early Sunday morning, Grammy coerced Little Mama and, therefore, Little Leighton (who had no choice) to go for a walk. Little Mama and her Hubby live in the greatest neighborhood! It has sidewalks and ponds with ducks and playgrounds and community swimming pools and lots o' nice, friendly peeps and pets. Here are some of the pictures ELC took while on their lovely walk:

Look at the cute little duck couple!

Little Mama already has grand plans for next year.
Yep. She will put Little Leighton in those beautiful bluebonnets
and take lots o' pictures.

We loved the red tulips/blue pansies combo.

When we got home, we worked for a few hours in Little Mama’s closet. Hubby and Henry drove up around noon (to watch the Baylor Bears play in the NCAA Basketball Tournament—please don’t ask how that turned out—although we’re all extremely proud of them!) while The Leighton Girls ran some errands at Buy Buy Baby and Pottery Barn Kids.

It was a perfect weekend. In every way. Fellowship! Fabulous Food! Fun! Giggles! Goals accomplished! Exercise! Love! Silliness! Dear, Sweet, Darling Friends! Perfection.


Taylor :) said...

Tlc you and your pregnant belly look absolutely adorable! can't wait to see the nursery!

The Leightons said...

Thank you, Sweetie! I can't wait to meet your new little man!!!