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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Sigh. . .

I worked for two days (okay -- about 30 minutes each day) on what was a brilliant post. It was bright. Thought-provoking. Important. Then this morning, as Little Mama TLC and Little Leighton slept, I was checking/editing it. Suddenly it was deleted. Gone. Not sure what I hit on this iPhone -- I assume that dadgum trashcan thingy -- but all of my time and hard work? No longer evident. Cruddy-dud. 

Now I simply don't have the energy (okay -- or the brain cells) to attempt to remember and recreate the amazingness of that post. So I'll just say this:


Sleeping Beauty

Grammy and Pa-Dad love their Little Leighton!

Henry isn't quite sure what to think when LL gets the hiccups!

Have a Wonderful Wednesday Wherever in the World you are! (Unless it's already Thursday for you. Is that even possible?) 

ta-ta for now. . .


Megs said...

She is a doll! I'm so happy for all of you! Glad that little mama and little leighton are healthy... Congrats!!!

The Leightons said...

Thank you SO much!



Unknown said...

A HUGE congrats to you all! She is just delicious and precious and an amazing miracle! Can't wait to trade details soon! Enjoy every second... much love to your sweet family!

The Leightons said...

Thanks, Kacy! We're all sooo lucky, aren't we?