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Friday, July 26, 2013

A Yeehaw Update...

If y'all have been with us for a while, you might remember a post called "Scattered Pictures" where we shared our love of Granbury, Texas. Alas, many things have changed in the sweet Central Texas town. In some sad (see "and yet, again" where we talk about the devastating tornado that hit Granbury), but also, good, ways. There's been some major changes on The Square. Yep. It happens.

Hank's? Gone. Almost Heaven? Also no longer around. Sigh. The Coffee Grinder moved from The Square out to the semi-new HEB grocery store/strip shopping center east of town. (Locating The Coffee Grinder took TLC and I several weeks. While we were trying, we were literally sick with worry. That's just how much we adore those Mocha Granitas.)

All Three Leightons ventured over to Granbury this morning. Girls' Day Out! (We so wanted to call Our Dearest Autumn, but Little Leighton (LL) is, unfortunately, at that "iffy" stage of life. We were quite unsure how an adventure with her in tow was going to work out. She'd had a super rough night of little sleep at Grammy and Pa-Dad's. We believed we could be turning our car right back around and driving the thirty minutes to my casa if the trip didn't go as planned.)

First Stop: A magical place called Witherspoon's Antique Mall ( Located about three blocks from The Square, this is the place to go if you love "junkin'!" TLC bought a darling quilt for LL. $10. And some vintage-y alphabet letters that spell out her name.

Next Stop: Christina's ( (Formerly the cherished home of The Merry Heart Tearoom. Sniff.) It's tres cute! A combination boutique (that had been located, for a few years, in a building on another block of The Square) and lunchtime bistro. Little Leighton was an Angel who gobbled up a yummy grilled cheese sammich. TLC had a fabulous Quiche Florentine and I had a Chicken/Avocado Panini that would make you want to slap your Mama. (This, of course, is a figure of speech we use occasionally in The South. Please don't really ever do that.)

Ladies that lunch!

Perhaps we might have made some purchases in Christina's Boutique. Duh. In our defense, we sure didn't buy everything we wanted. Not even close.

Last stop: HEB. The awesome grocery store where The Coffee Grinder is now located. TLC needed to pick up several items of food for LL, so it apparently made sense that we drive a few miles out of the way so that she could also buy that Granita she constantly craves. (I decided, after sharing a piece of French Silk Coconut Cream Pie at Christina's with TLC, I should forego the Granita calories. Not that there are all that many. I, instead, gave LL her afternoon bottle in the don't-worry-it-was-plenty-cool car {since she turned ONE this week...WWWHHHHAAAAATTTTTT?...she's about to be "bottle-free." YIPPEE!})

If you live anywhere near Granbury, Texas, and you've never been a visitor there, I have one question: WHY THE HECK HAVEN'T YOU GONE? GO. Seriously. Go.

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