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Monday, July 15, 2013

A Yummy for Y'all!

You know ELC and I couldn't spend an entire month writing about Yummies and Yeehaws and NOT share our "newest" (oldest?) favourite mascara: Estée Lauder's "More Than Mascara."

ELC has actually been using this for years and recently "rediscovered" it. She graciously "reintroduced" it to moi, too. I know I've tried many a sample of this mascara (I just love love love the tiny mascaras you get with their free gifts.) but can't remember the last time I had a "full-size" bottle.

This mascara thickens without clumping. I love mascaras that really "pump up the volume." My only word of advice is to make sure you (gently) remove all of it each night, or you might end up with a stained pillowcase that even the toughest Resolve pre-treat won't fix. This mascara stays put. It almost has a waterproof-like quality to it. It's that good.

While this mascara is pricier than our typical drug store go-tos, we think it's well-worth the extra moolah. Go ahead and splurge! You deserve it.

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