Tuesday, July 23, 2013

And Yet Another Yummy for Y'all!

Though we're quickly approaching Little Leighton's (LL) first birthday (I can barely talk about it without sobbing), I still consider myself a "new Mom." I probably will for at least another three to four years. I'm hoping by then I'll have more of this "raising children" thing figured out. LOL. I digress: As a new Mom, I'm plagued with dark under-eye circles. Until recently, I couldn't find a good, solid concealer.

We were home in the Country a few weeks ago for our dear, dear friend, Nelly's, STUNNING wedding. I was putting my face on in Mom's bathroom when I realized I'd left my (rather blah but worked in a pinch) under-eye concealer at home in the City Suburbs. I started digging around in her cabinets and drawers and discovered this:

Garnier Skin Renew Anti Dark-Circle Roller.

This stuff actually works! The coverage is nearly flawless. Of course, I promptly "borrowed" it from ELC. It now resides in MY makeup drawer. Thanks, Mom!

(P.S. Did y'all see the ever-radiant Duchess of Cambridge this afternoon? Introducing the new Prince to the world? She is simply gorgeous. Naturally, I was teary while watching it, because it made me think of LL's birth and coming home from the hospital. I cannot imagine being photographed virtually 20 hours after labor. At that point, I was still shuffling around in my hospital room, wearing the hospital-issued gown, sans makeup. I'm pretty sure I hadn't even brushed my teeth. I did require LL to watch the Prince's debut, seeing as how he will be her future husband someday. "Princess Little Leighton." It has a glorious ring to it, doesn't it? Yes. Yes, it so does.)

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