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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Not Moi

So we’ve come to the end of our Month O’ Yummies and Yeehaws. Hope you’ve found something you’ve wanted to try!

While talking about a possible “theme” for August, TLC suggested we have a Month O’ Recipes. Wwhhhaaaatttt? Uh, no. Not moi.

I’m unsure if I’ve ever actually gone into adequate details about my lack of interest in anything cooking/food related (other than eating—now that I am QUITE interested in!), but here’s the scoop:

I don’t enjoy cooking. I don’t really enjoy reading recipes (I do LOVE to look at the pretty pictures!). I don’t like planning meals. I hate going to the grocery store. I will do all of those things. If I must. I don’t mind watching The Food Network. For a maximum of two hours per day. Did I say two? Let’s make that one. That’s even kind of pushing my patience.

Then there’s My Sweet Hubby (MSH). His love of cooking began with grilling. Naturally. Then it progressed to planning YUMMY meals. Often with food I didn’t even know we had in our fridge or pantry. Then he and TLC discovered The Food Network about 13 years ago. A whole new “hobby” became my great LUCK.

TLC is an EXCELLENT Meal Planner and Chefette. She doesn’t mind going to the grocery store (she also doesn’t have to drive twenty miles—one-way—she has at least six different options within a five-mile radius of her casa). She loves, loves, LOVES watching The Food Network. Marathons? Bring ‘em on. She’s in heaven watching Giada or The Pioneer Woman all day and night long. She loves to browse and collect cookbooks. When she’s not tending to Little Leighton, she’s looking at recipes on-line and especially on Pinterest and Facebook.

Here’s what I said to her when she came up with her August Recipe Idea:

ELC: Have at it, TLC. When it’s your turn, recipe away! I’ll do random thoughts, observations, opinions. Okie-Dokie?
TLC: Sure. Whatever. (Insert a semi-defeated sigh here.)

Who knows what August shall hold? Not moi. Probably not TLC. I will share this with you as a “for sure:”

At the end of August, we’re going to reveal a little “secret.” Something we’ve been doing since the first of the year. Hopefully, if you haven’t noticed, you’ll be impressed and, possibly, intrigued. Because September is going to be FUN.

Chow (Get it? Chow? Ha. I crack myself up.) for Now, Sillies…

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