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Friday, February 14, 2014

a valentine for little leighton...

On this Valentine’s Day, 2014, TLC and I would like to give Y’all...

14 Reasons (even though there are actually 1400!) We Heart Little Leighton!

TLC/Mama’s Seven:

  1. Her new trick: walking backwards!
  2. If she wakes up in the middle of the night, she’ll look up at the ceiling and go through the cast of characters on Sesame Street (quietly, but out loud): Eh-mo (Elmo); Ab-bay (Abby); Coooook—eee (Cookie Monster); Buh-t (Burt).
  3. The way she rocks her baby dolls and pats their wee-wittle backs.
  4. Her tiny but absolutely amazing memory and how she uses it to “read” books out loud—it blows this Mama’s mind!
  5. Her love of coloring. I’d be ecstatic if she became an artist one day. (ELC still thinks it’s fun to color…bless her self-described un-artistic heart…)
  6. The way she sings and dances—so joyfully and unabashedly!
  7. She’s my shadow. My sidekick. I love hearing her call out “Mama?” when she’s temporarily lost me in the house. Which is very infrequently and doesn’t last longer than five seconds.

ELC/Mam’s Seven:

  1. That she’s her Mama’s Mini Me! She’s literally taken me back in time to TLC’s birth, infancy and toddlerhood.
  2. Her exquisitely mesmerizing, expressive and beautiful eyes.
  3. Her cRaZy hair!
  4. That she loves green beans and blueberries!
  5. That she already loves clothes and shoes (like her Mama)—but only wants to play with her bows and headbands.
  6. That she already needs books—reading/looking at them many times throughout her busy days.
  7. That she says “puhls” (for pearls—I have a dish of old pearl necklaces on my nightstand that she must play with three or four times a day when she’s at our casa) and “guhls” (for girls). Too cute.
And now, for your further entertainment (okay, we get it, it's really for ours), please enjoy a few pictures TLC made this morning after Little Leighton opened her Valentine cards and gifts…