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Friday, February 28, 2014


February 2014 will be history in about thirteen and a half hours. It is tres true that the older you get, the faster time flies by. With complete candor, for someone approaching her 60th birthday, I won’t lie: The lightning speed of the passage of time can cause me anxiety.

TLC and I started this blog three years ago. We can’t quite wrap our heads around that. I’ve noticed, over the years, that a post I did on February 28, 2011, called In Like a Lion, has become one a lot of our “visitors” check out. I’m not sure why. However, it was the first “alliteration” post I did. If you have a few minutes, take a peek at it. (No, I still don't know how to "link" you to it. Awfully sorry about that.) Reading it might help get you in the mood for The Month of March!

Last night Grey’s Anatomy came back. And Scandal. TLC and I have been Grey's fans since the very first show. Yes, there have been some seasons that ended up being particularly difficult to watch. I can even remember one year TLC almost dropped out. Forever. Some of the storylines were too cRaZy/challenging/out-there for her. I convinced her to hang in with me/it. For us, it’s one of those shows, like Designing Women, Murphy Brown, and Friends, that become such a part of our lives, we can’t imagine them being over.

TLC and I discovered long ago we can have quite different tastes when it comes to TV. (And movies. And clothes.) She hasn’t started Scandal. I gave her the first season on DVD for Christmas, but she hasn’t had the chance to get it in her lineup. I kind of have to psych myself out and get in the right mood to watch it. It’s like 24 was for me and My Sweet Hubby (MSH)—we had to feel almost brave to watch that series. We’d get mad. Stressed. Confused. Scandal scares me! It makes me shudder. Look away. Cringe. (I haven’t cried, yet, but that doesn’t really surprise me. I think mostly I could chalk that up to the fact I can’t totally relate to this show. Yes, I realize everything on it is possible. More than possible. Downright probable. Still, it’s foreign to my simple life and world in North Central Texas. I’m completely obsessed with it, however, because the stories within the story intrigue me immensely. As with 24, I say (to myself, since MSH doesn’t watch Scandal with me…): Who thinks up this insanity? These plotlines? These characters? What is WRONG with them? (Said kind of jokingly—and yet kind of seriously.)

There’s a show that started this week called Private Lives of Nashville Wives. (I got totally hooked on the series Nashville last Fall and cannot miss it.) Unlike TLC, I never boarded the Real Housewives’ Trains to The Cities of Unreality. I watched a few of them, here and there and mostly at TLC's encouragement. I decided they were simply not for me. But the Nashville wives? I predict I’m going to get hopelessly hooked on this one. Mostly because of a pair of twin sisters that are very, very, VERY innerstin’ and witty. Check it out. Not sure of the night but it’s on TNT channel.

MSH and I have begun the new season of Worst Cooks in America. With Anne Burrell and Bobby Flay. We laugh out loud. Constantly. (And shake our heads occasionally. It’s sometimes difficult to believe they really are as bad at cooking as they seem.)

If you don’t watch The Voice, I say you’re missing out. The talent is impressive. The Judges? Too, too, TOO endearing. TLC and I are trying to keep up with American Idol. We like J. Lo, Keith and Harry. Bunches. But we don’t need this show as much as we crave The Voice.

Other shows I adore: Parenthood, Modern Family, The Middle, Mike and Molly, Cougar Town, Kirstie, and The Exes. (Are you finding a pattern here?)

And, there you go! My TV show opinions/recommendations. For what they're worth. You’re welcome!

Have a WONDERFUL Weekend, Wherever in this World Y’all are!


p.s.: TLC and I are, sadly, behind on the incredibly marvelous Downton Abbey. We've got Season 3 to conquer. Yes, it makes us frustrated. Unfortunately, we've heard about a few "twists" we would have preferred not to know. Sigh.