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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

tuesday thoughts...

I love my Sweet ELC for so many reasons. She's the strongest, bravest, most caring woman I know. She is my role model for being a Mama to Little Leighton. She loves with her whole heart and soul. I'm so thankful for the precious relationship she and LL share -- you should see my daughter light up at the mere mention of "Mam."

One of my most favourite things about her, though, are her texts. She likes to take "screen shots" on her iPhone of funny, helpful, inspiring, uplifting, encouraging "things/thoughts" she sees on Facebook. She'll then print them (like you would a picture!) at her local Walgreens or simply text them to me. I love to save them on my phone and flip through them when I'm really missing her -- which is basically every minute we're not together.

I wanted to share a few recent ones with y'all today:

Happiest Tuesday!

P.S. We miss you, ELC!