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Monday, February 17, 2014


As a nod to TLC’s Love of All Things in “List” Form, I submit to you, on this Marvelous Monday, some of my past weekend’s observations:


  1. The word “epic” is being used constantly. By everyone. Newscasters. Journalists. Sportcasters. Radio Disc Jockeys. Celebrities. People who'd like to be celebrities. Politicians. People who'd like to be politicians. I noticed this long before the Olympics. I am totally and completely OVER this word. Please. Everyone. STOP. Go back to “amazing.” Oh, that’s right. You still use that one, too. Sheesh.
  2. I walked with My Sweet Hubby (MSH) and Teddy Buddy Boo Bear (TBBB) for three days in a row: Friday, Saturday and Sunday. To our gate and back. Up and down our tres steep hill. By Sunday afternoon, my left knee was huge/extremely swollen. And it hurt terribly. This is what happens to moi when I attempt to do the right thing for my body and walk/move/semi-exercise. I’ve diagnosed my injury as mostly arthritis—irritated by My Climbs (You can now hum the Miley song if you'd like...I won't be humming it, however. She is not my favourite anything. Actress. Singer. Ex-Disney star.). I’ve been icing it and off of it since yesterday. Ibuprofen is only minimally helpful for the pain. Getting old sucks. There. I said it and I’m not ashamed. Because it’s the dadgum truth.
  3. MSH and I’ve been watching a lot of the Olympics. I won’t go into our opinions about where it’s being held or how much money they spent on the venue, entertainment, etc. (We didn’t watch the Opening Ceremony but heard it was quite incredible.) Through all of the politics, the daily drama (for example, the Russian/American hockey game) and the potential terrorism, each country’s “Team Members” are to be greatly admired. They are inspiring. They are fantastic. Their individual dedication is positively, unequivocally AMAZING and beyond EPIC.
  4. MSH and I made a quick trip to Ft. Worth on Saturday. No matter how often we go, we're always reminded of our love of all things “Cowtown.” We went to a Target store for the first time since before Christmas. Although we won’t be using a debit card there for many a moon, I still adore Target. Why, oh WHY, did they have to allow such a terrible breach of security? (Please picture me with a tear slowly going down my soft, yet slightly wrinkled, cheek…) The criminals/hackers are getting ahead of us, Folks. We’ve got to solve this on-going, scary, ridiculous problem. Period. (And when I say “we,” I certainly don’t mean me. I can’t even post pictures on this blog, so I sure can’t figure out how to track down and prosecute/punish these despicable losers who need to get real jobs and do good—not EVIL.)

That’s it. That’s all I’ve got. Time, once again, to Ice, Ice, Baby. Thank you for your patience!

Smooches and HUGS to each of Y’all, Wherever in the World you are...
Have a WONDERFUL Week!