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Monday, March 3, 2014


Little Leighton and I are currently visiting ELC and My Sweet Dad (MSD) in the good ol' country! We arrived on Friday and were originally planning on heading back north come Sunday, but the truly bonkers Texas weather had other plans. On Saturday, it was 85 degrees in this part of North Central Texas. By Sunday morning, the temperatures dropped about 65 degrees and there was sleet! It's even colder today, so LL and I decided to hunker down with my folks and stay warm and cozy for a few more days.

After LL's nap on Saturday afternoon, we all decided we had a hankerin' for some frozen yogurt -- or "mo-yo" as MSD calls it. We piled in my SUV and headed into town. LL didn't have socks and shoes on. I didn't have makeup on. MSD was driving, so ELC was nominated to go into the mo-yo store. MSD and I did fret a bit the whole time she was inside -- we thought she might be a little "chintzy" with our toppings. We are very particular. We like the "low-fat" (no time for that non-fat mumbo-jumbo) white chocolate frozen yogurt, topped with lots o' Heath and Butterfinger. Luckily for us, she was quite generous. Our fears were for naught -- we decided she was a better "mo-yo maker" than me! Even LL got in on the action. She shared a little mo-yo with ELC -- just plain white chocolate -- and loved every bite. It was her first frozen yogurt experience. She now requests "yo-yo" at breakfast, lunch and dinner.

As we were cruisin' down the main drag of my hometown, this was the conversation I had with MSD:

TLC: Dad -- my massage therapist told me that there was going to be a big switch-a-roo with the two grocery stores in town. One is building in a new location and the other is moving into the "old" location of the other one -- but completely revamping it. Have you heard anything about it?

MSD: Hmmm. No -- I haven't heard that.

He sat there quietly for a few seconds, as if he was really contemplating something. Then he says:

MSD: Now, who did you hear that from? You said her last name was "Asparagus?"

At that point, I practically spit out my yogurt. I had tears rolling down my face from laughing. I said:

TLC: Dad -- do you know anyone on this earth that has the last name "Asparagus?"

MSD: Well, I guess not.

This man -- intentionally and sometimes unintentionally -- keeps us all in stitches. I love him so much for that and his silly "interpretations" of what we're saying.

Happy Monday, y'all!